Wonderful Design of Moon Phases Imitating Lighting Fixture

Polar Wall Lights Flat Circle Shape Pivoting Mechaanism Moon Phase Imitations

Having a really unique lighting fixture in an interior space could really be beneficial in many ways. Surely the lighting fixture will be able to deliver its main function as a light, right? On the other hand, a unique lighting fixture will add the beauty of the decor in the area of its placement. Talk about the unique lighting fixture; there is the one called Polar. It is designed and created by Ross Gardam to imitate the movements and the different phases of the moon really. Sounds interesting?

Clearly the mind of this Australian designed is so great in finding the clever idea of creating a kind of multifunctional piece of lighting. The idea of this lamp that could imitate moon phases is interpreted in a decent piece of item. The mechanism is that it will be able to be rotated to create a state that looks like an eclipse. The position change of such feature of this lighting fixture can be adjusted and changed manually at any time.

In term of its build, it has a really solid one made of anodized gold. It really performs well as a beautiful base that mounts itself to the wall. Basically this so-called Polar is a wall lamp that can be hardwired or plugged into an outlet on the wall. This lighting fixture features a warm 13W dimmable module of LED light. The hardwired one is in black while the flex one is in white. Yet in term of its actual finish, there are several choices to consider accordingly. Painted options of this lighting fixture include black, dusk, midnight, and white. Obviously, more available options could provide better personalization to meet different needs and preferences of different owners of this lighting fixture.

Furthermore, the mechanism of this lighting fixture is that the disc-shaped shade is hinged to create circles. Light level, as well as the angle of the disc, can be set to meet different needs of it. Well, the so-called Polar in the form of wall lamp which could smartly display the beauty of different phases of the moon. It is offered in two different sizes so that different space could be looking good with the use of this unique lighting fixture. Ross Gardam has been done a magnificent job to design and create this unique lamp which could be a decent addition to any interior space of any house regardless of the decoration style.

Polar Wall Lights Flat Circle Shape Pivoting Mechaanism Moon Phase Imitations

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