Winter Vacation Retreat with Highly Comfort and Beautiful Views

A Bathroom Features A Wooden Vanity And A Great View From A Wide Window

Thinking about ideas for decorating a home is fun and enjoyable. We can play with our imagination and sometimes refresh our mind with something new and fun. Although the winter is still a bit far away, it is not a fault if you think about what kind of decoration you want to follow for your winter holiday home if there is any. For you who are looking for some ideas to decorate your home for a winter holiday, it may be useful news for you because in this time I would like to share you a house which will be very inspiring and looks very inviting. Let’s check it out!

This shine and fabulous home are located on Fuller Hill, Vermont. The creative team recently completes this home at Touloukian Touloukian. You You can achieve this contemporary scope that is placed in a beautiful natural environment through winding roads. This home is a vacation retreat which consists of four bedrooms, and this place nestled on a hill facing the north toward the White Mountains.

This inspiring home is done with natural materials such as timber framing, cement fiber siding, sheet metal, and board-formed concrete. According to the architects, the use of those natural materials to get a sharp focus. There are some windows which are strategically placed around the interior spaces to get maximum views of the mountain ranges in the distance and give natural light to crucial living areas.

Let’s take a look at the living room. A breezy living room has a role to give a welcoming home atmosphere. In here, residents and guests can relax in a cozy chair next to the fireplace and witness winter magic. There are stacks of firewood which provide a warm and genuine atmosphere. For the dining room, it has eight windows around the space, and it looks like the perfect corner to gather with people.

The bedrooms are designed to be airy and spacious. You can get splendid views of the surrounding landscape from every single bedroom. The color that is chosen for the spaces is dull, not the bold or too eye-catchy one, and the refinement becomes a vital feature of the interior design scheme. Simplicity and simple color palette do not make this home becomes dull and ordinary. This home still can give comfort and warm through the cold winter and incredible views that can refresh your mind.

A Room With Many Windows Features A Comfy Sofa With Cushions In Front Of A Fireplace

A Large White Bed With Pillows And Blanket Placed On A Rug Facing A Long Window With Nature View

A Bathroom Features A Wooden Vanity And A Great View From A Wide Window

A Large Room With Wooden Floor Feature A Couple Of White Chairs, A Tv On A Wooden Table, And A Large Rug

A Wooden Dining Table With Some White Chairs Around It Placed Facing A Window With A Nice View

A Sofa With Cushions Placed Near A Big White Bookshelf With Many Books, Frames, And Ornaments

A Wooden Dining Table With A Bowl Of Apple On It, And White Chairs Around It Placed Near Stacks Of Firewood

A White House With Many Windows Looked From Outside

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