Well Designed Open Floor Living Room with Abundant Lights

Rough Finish Wooden Shelving Room Divider Lantern Style Candle Holders Books Striped Pillow White Chair Wooden Flooring Potted Plant

Ensuring that an interior space has lots of lights in it is crucial to creating a very bright and airy feel. It is quite essential to do such thing, especially when dealing with tight spaces. Commonly the ultimate solution is to have an open area for several different purposes. Living space can commonly be integrated with dining space and kitchen. There are surely many different ways to get the décor done perfectly with different purposes needed to be possible within the area. Different zones can be signified by placing certain things or using certain features. Well, there is this nice looking open layout living room that can be used as a dining room and a kitchen as well within the same volume.

There are two islands in the kitchen in which has its function. One island is used as a table and cooking surface while another one is used as a storage solution. Kitchen facades are hiding all appliances needed in the kitchen to be fully functional. The main purpose of hiding the appliances including a fridge in the kitchen facades is to ensure that the entire kitchen area looks just the same as the rest of the living area.

Meanwhile, the dining zone has a few rustic touches here and there. There is a long dining table as the centerpiece with the warm tone of the wooden dining chairs alongside it. The lighting in the dining zone is provided by a pendant lamp in transparent glass material and glided framing for more accents of rustic décor. There is even chain on the lamp for a unique appeal of it. Overall the dining zone is a nice one.

There is a shelving unit made of wood that serves its other function as a kind of separator. It separates the living area form the kitchen and dining zone despite the fact that the area is an open floor area. It comes with a decent size of storage while it does not interfere with the lights coming into the room. That is amidst many features of the decoration that lets the lights to fill the room for an airy and bright feel inside. The combination of a whole different zone in the open floor area of this interior space is very clever. The deco is not the same, but they look seamlessly blended well with one another. One important thing is that the functionality is at the highest level.

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Rough Finish Wooden Shelving Room Divider Lantern Style Candle Holders Books Striped Pillow White Chair Wooden Flooring Potted Plant

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