Well Decorated Apartment in Beautiful Neutral Tones

Flowers Large Clear Glass Vase Striped Light Tablecloth Wooden Dining Table Wooden Chairs White Kitchen Cabinetries Hanging Lamps

A small apartment can be designed and appropriately decorated to look and feel spacious. Surely by dealing with the broad idea, there are many aspects to pay attention. The function is the primary focus when decorating an apartment. Small space means that all the primary needed features of living space have to be settled first before trying to add other additional functions. Furthermore, a spacious apartment is also highly supported by the way to decorate it completely. One of the most popular ways in decorating small apartment is to go for neutral tones just like a 67 square meters apartment in the form of a Spanish retreat.

Living in this particular apartment is a school kid along with work-at-home parents as well as many possible guests to come regularly. So, the designers decided to go for light walls along with open floor layout with a few unusual tricks there. Undoubtedly at a glance, the result is satisfying for everyone. It starts with an open area featuring a dining space, a kitchen, a living room and a home office. The zoning has been done correctly in this open area by using items within the same style and colors. The home office itself plays its role as a partition within the other areas. In the dining area, the table has been appropriately selected to ensure that guests can be accommodated when needed. Benches, as well as poufs, are chosen as the dining seats that can be hidden under the table when not in use.

The master bedroom has its function as a dressing room as well with a large built-in wardrobe as the perfect solution for a small bedroom. The headboard features built-in nightstands that perform well to be the surface and also storage for several items needed in bed. Apparently, that is a nice touch to maximize a small bedroom.

Furthermore, the room for the kid is there close to the home office. There is a partition separating the room that features a bunk bed. Surprisingly the separation serves its function as a ladder to the bed as well. Toys and all the items of the kid can be stored in a niche right in the wall. At the end despite the small size of the apartment, it has been decorated and appropriately designed to meet the needs of everyone by using some useful old tricks of interior decorating.

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Flowers Large Clear Glass Vase Striped Light Tablecloth Wooden Dining Table Wooden Chairs White Kitchen Cabinetries Hanging Lamps

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