Wall Mounted Writing Desk for Small Working Space

Ghostwriter Suspended Desk Laptop Plain Paper Pencil Smartphone Charging Electricity Outlets Wooden Shelf Wooden Drawer

Small space means nothing for those who can deal with that by maximizing the use of a very corner. Within the trend in interior design today many items can be helpful in dealing with tight spaces. Tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, wardrobes and many other things that are commonly needed by homeowners are available in the space saving options. Obviously, there are some common ideas in term of furniture for small spaces. That includes adjustable, foldable, wall mounted, suspended, or even retractable features within the items. There is this so-called Ghostwriter as the ultimate solution of a writer with tight space to work especially at home.

This unique working desk has its suspended feature so that it will not need to be using any floor space. That is one of the common ways to maximize tight space by using suspended items, right? The basic appeal of this desk is so modern, sleek and chic at the same time. Surprisingly it can also be functioned as a storage unit while being a working desk. It was designed by Giacomo Moor in the mix of contemporary style and practical design for any tight living space in need of built-in office area or working nook.

The desk can easily be mounted on the wall according to the need of its owners and users. It means that the height of its placement can be measured accordingly at first before installing it. With the absence of floor space needs, it features full capability of a working desk. It even comes with drawers and shelves inside that can be concealed when the desk is not in use. Furthermore, it has its power outlets as well to provide the needs of gadgets of today. This Ghostwriter desk is a completely great piece of space saving furniture to consider.

The desk is made of wood in which the top section is finished in the lacquered state. Meanwhile, the side panels are wood as well in the matte lacquered finish. The interior of the desk including the drawer and the shelf is made of Eucalyptus as a highly contrasting material compared to its exterior covers. The use of this table is crucial in maximizing tight spaces such as in an apartment. It can be incorporated in small offices as well in creative working space where people will love to use it to work for hours.

Ghostwriter Suspended Desk Natural Wooden Finish Interior Plain Paper Pen Laptop Wooden Shelf Wooden Drawer Books Integrated Lighting

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Ghostwriter Suspended Desk Laptop Plain Paper Pencil Smartphone Charging Electricity Outlets Wooden Shelf Wooden Drawer

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