Vintage Kitchen Décor with Rustic and Glam Accents

Pink Shoes Desktop Pc Rattan Chair White Top Grey Desk With Drawers Flat Screen Tv Grey Finished Floating Cabinet Accent Pillow

A kitchen can be a highly inviting place when decorated properly. Unfortunately, many homeowners did not pay attention to the decoration of their kitchen. It is considered to be the place that should be functional and practical so that its appeal is said to be less important. That idea is so false since a kitchen should be having a decent décor as well for the better feeling when doing anything there. A nice example of the well-decorated kitchen is a vintage looking kitchen with a bit of glam and rustic touches here and there. Caitlin Wilson did this particular kitchen. The kitchen is so welcoming with its wonderful charm.

The entire wall of the kitchen is covered with white marble tiles beneath the floor while the floor is done using wood materials in the arrangement of herringbone patterns. That is s start to create a light feel all over the kitchen. Furthermore the white furniture including the cabinets enhances the light feel inside this kitchen further. Brass handles accentuating the look of the cabinets there. There is a kitchen island to boost the functionality of the kitchen. It serves its purpose as a breakfast nook with the addition of brass pendants above to provide the needed lights within the area and beautify the décor further. Printed chairs in peach tone accentuate the whole décor of the area immediately that looks nice.

There is a small parking space in this kitchen. It is done in graphite grey cabinets with a bit of brass highlight in the form of the handles. The white tabletop can be seen there to add the bright accent of the space. There is even a TV in the cabinet just over the desk. Aside from the working nook surely there is dining space in its vintage and rustic combination of appeal. There is a set of dining furniture made of wood as well as rattan. In purpose of elevating the décor further, there is a crystal chandelier as the main lighting fixture of this space.

The whole space itself is a set of kitchen, dining room, and home office in an outdoor layout. It has been done decently and adequately in term of the decorating as well as the space management so that it is highly functional and practical. It looks good at the same time in term of its decoration.

Pink Shoes Desktop Pc Rattan Chair White Top Grey Desk With Drawers Flat Screen Tv Grey Finished Floating Cabinet Accent Pillow

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