Victorian Style Residential House with Modern Interior Décor

Dark Wooden Floor Wooden Rectangular Dining Table Yellow Crystal Chandelier Metal Dining Chairs Black Cushion Gren Cart Wooden Sideboard Framed Artworks Fireplace Ornamented Walls

A residential house could be so different in term of its exterior and interior. The exterior could be looking so classic and vintage while the interior may well be highly sophisticated in modern style décor. There is a residential house in the suburb of Melbourne with that particular combination of classic exterior and modern interior. The so-called Victorian style exterior is intended to be there while the entire interior area has been altered to be having modern décor and sophistication. This is a project done by Techne Architecture + Interior Design that has been so successful in creating a perfect blend of old and new.

The exterior style of this residential house is nothing but bold modern appeal as in its interior. The aesthetic features of Victorian architecture style can be seen in its exterior. Upon entering the house then it will all be dramatically changed from classical beauty to modern sophistication and practicality. Techne Architecture + Interior Design have managed to elevate the interior spaces with many decent features highly. There are four double bedrooms with two bathrooms, a master bedroom, a gym area, a studio, as well as a separated bedroom bungalow. That is just a bit about the interior spaces of this house. The backyard area has more things to enjoy including a pizza oven, sunny lawns and of course a fresh looking swimming pool.

Even within the interior, there were original features of the old times being kept that include ceiling moldings and medallions. Lights colors are used within the interior spaces to create an airy atmosphere all over the interior. All in all, the interior has been designed to be the space for art and design showcasing. Thus, ultimately the attractiveness of interior space is amazing in many ways that it is possible to enjoy.

Glazed walls are there as well that will grant the access to the green backyard with manicured lawn and fresh blue swimming pool. Exterior area offers a decent atmosphere with its bold table as well as white metal bench and its upholstered cushion. Many small decorative features can be seen inside the house including animal skin rug as well as colorful metal chandeliers in different colors within different rooms. It is a smart idea to combine the old style of exterior design and a new style of interior décor that turned out to be outstanding.

Yellow Metal Chandelier Black Wooden Doors Glass Panels Wooden Floor Abstract Wall Paintings Glass Interior Fencing Ceiling Lights

Dark Wooden Floor Wooden Rectangular Dining Table Yellow Crystal Chandelier Metal Dining Chairs Black Cushion Gren Cart Wooden Sideboard Framed Artworks Fireplace Ornamented Walls

Greeneries Yellow Exterior Table Potted Plants Concrete Tile Flooring Concrete Pathways Manicured Lawn Trees Swimming Pool White Bench Living Vines Wall

Double Bathroom Vanity Marble Tops Wooden Floor Oval Above Sinks Free Standing Bathtub Patterned Rug Glass Shower Covers Wicker Basket Wide Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Wall Artwork

Orange Upholstered Sofa Zebra Skin Rug Dark Wooden Floor Framed Artworks Crystal Orange Chandelier Vintage Fireplace Flowers Animal Sculps Decor Interior Radiator Flat Screen Tv

Black Painted Wooden Canopy Bed Frame Leopard Pattern Blanket White Bedding White Pillows Books Framed Wall Artworks Orange Bench Black Curtains Black Leather Chair White Nightstand Ceiling Lights

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Black Sports Car Greeneries Trees Exposed Brick Walls Exterior Upper Decks Victorian Style Building

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