Victorian Elegance in the Game On Home by Rowland + Broughton

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A modern house with a classic style of decoration is always nice to watch.  There is a house in a mountain town of Colorado named Game On Home with that kind of combination. It is a modern residential house packed in a historic appeal of Victorian style all over it. Along with the renovation the actual building was picked up to be returned back on top of a newly set foundation. The idea of incorporating the vintage look of Victorian elegance is to create a kind of ode in refers to the architectural heritage of the city where it is located. In short, it looks nice in many ways.

There is no unused space within the entire area of this house since every corner be maximized correctly. The ground level has an open plan area featuring kitchen, living room, and a dining area. Seamless connection with an outdoor terrace is there with the use of a retractable glass wall. Meanwhile, the upper section of this house is the place for its master suite and a guest bedroom. Meanwhile, the exterior side of this house is a smart idea as well with drought-tolerant plants. It is intended to be like that to reduce the use of water. Sustainable energy feature is definitely there inside this particular house. Aside from the plants, there are plumbing, lighting, and even mechanical systems that are all maximized cleverly to help the house to function properly with fewer resources needed. The garage roof even has a solar panel for energy source while the bocce ball court has a smart feature to control stormwater.

Inside the house, the color palette stays in a restrained theme. It features cream, white, light grey, and beige that delivers just the right amount of luxurious appeal within the décor. Meanwhile, in term of the additional elements inside the interior, there are wood, concrete, and eco-friendly paint as well as leather upholstery. Those materials deliver different textural aspects of the interior for sure. The flooring is done by using light-colored oak to boost the brightness of the space and create a visually large space. Built-in furniture is there to complete the interior in a modern way with that minimalist orientation so that there are not much of things there at all. Well, this Game On Home is another decent example of a mix of the old and the new that is just awesome.

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