Using Big Mirrors to Decorate Your Bathroom

A Framed Mirror Placed Near A White Bathtub And A Statement Rug

Big mirrors in bathrooms are now on top of the decorating trend. That’s for two reasons. First, a mirror in a bathroom will turn an ordinary décor statement even in the most straightforward bathroom into a very cool piece and give a hotel nuance to space. Secondly, a mirror will magically expand the visual look of the area. It is suitable for bathrooms even the big one. Here some fantastic ideas that you can use. Check it out!

Mirror Wall of the Sink Area

Having a mirror wall in the sink area will give you a luxe statement and a functional point. You may go for a full timeless, sleek mirror or big pieces that cover the whole wall. That kind of mirrors perfectly fits many bathroom styles like modern, minimalist, rustic, industrial, refined, and many other. Show your style up through your tiles, finishes, lamps, and counters. To maximize the touch of your style, choosing a small or very tiny thin stand is a good idea even it will disturb the fabulous mirror wall for a little. Another smart idea is to enlighten the mirror up with some eye-catchy lights on the sides, or just put on some lamps right to the mirror.

Bathtub Mirror

Placing your bathtub in front of an oversized mirror or maybe a wall mirror will giving you a unique and chic look to your bathroom. It will make your bath experience become a refined spa experience. If you have a modern or minimalist bathroom, you may go for a smooth mirror wall. You may also go for a refined framed mirror wall for your chic or just old bathroom. This kind of pieces will become a statement décor feature. I highly recommend the idea of having an aged-looking mirror wall which will give glamorous and beautiful touches to your bathroom. Add some lights or chandeliers for the more outstanding look. Get inspired!

Sink Niche Mirrors

You can highlight the sink area or just want to separate it from the bath zone, creating a sink niche with lights, storage, and a large mirror may become a smart idea. Adding lights to a slot, as much as you want, will give you a comfier feeling. Besides, you can also use it as a storage, and it will look amazing. Create the niche with the depth that depends on your bathroom’s size and décor it as your style. Here are some creative ideas for you. Enjoy!

A Long White Sink With A Vase Of Flowers Hanged On A Giant Mirror

A Framed Mirror Placed Near A White Bathtub On The Wooden Floor

An Aged Effect Mirror Placed Near A White Bathtub With Some Chandeliers Over It

A Long Wooden Sink Hanged On A Giant Mirror In A Wooden Floor Room

A Framed Mirror Placed Near A White Bathtub With A White Towel On It

A Giant Mirror Near A White Bathtub And A Small Table With A Vase Of Flowers On It

A Giant Mirror Near A White Bathtub On A Wooden Floor

A Mirror Hanged On A Marble Wall Over A White Sink Near A Pot Of Plant

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