Using an Antique Desk in Your Interior

An Antique Desk With A Lamp, A Vase Of Flowers, And Chandeliers On It, And A Stack Of Books Under It

Vintage and antique touches and furniture are trendy for any style of interior, from industrial to minimalist because they make the space refined and give it a charisma. Designers never late to use vintage items to create home décor more stand out. Sometimes, using only one old thing is enough to change everything. An antique desk is a right item to be added to your home décor to get a beautiful feel in your space. Here some ways to incorporate such a thing into your home décor. These ideas are not only about using a desk, but it will be more than that. Check it out!


You can use an antique desk as a console table in the guest room or as an entrance.Find the right office as you like that fits your room’s style. If it is not good enough or less suit your style, just sand it and repaint it. You may change the top or legs if you want to, or if you like a shabby look you may just leave it as it is. For you who has a tiny space, you can cut the desk into halves and use only one piece and put it on the wall. Such a good idea for entryways.

Bathroom Vanities

Placing a chic bathroom vanity and an old desk is one of some ideas that can make your bathroom becomes outstanding. Feel free to do anything to it. You may repaint it, cut it into the size that you need, or leave it as it is. The important thing you need to do is changing the top of the vanity because wood is not durable in a room with high humidity like a bathroom. Change it with stone, concrete, tiles, or the other tops, but leave all the rest as it looks to get a charming look. The drawers can be used to keep the bathroom stuff.


A nook with a vanity may become crucial for women because they do make up every day. For you who want a new pride and fortunately have a vintage desk, do not take it for granted. Renovate it to fit your interior, and your vanity is done! Put an additional mirror on the wall over it, or you may just put it in the pride. You can use the drawers to be the storage of your makeup and other stuff.


Naturally having an old office is a neat idea, especially which is used as working space. It is very proper for a woman’s workspace, but if you want a man touch, you may go for a rustic vintage desk with a dark stain. It will be amazing.

A Tiny Antique Desk With A Lamp And Clock On It, A Mirror Over It, And A Storage Of Pillow Under It

A White Vintage Desk As A Working Space With A Laptop, A Pot, Some Candles, And Some Books On It Paired With A Chair In A Wooden Floor Room

A Mint Colored Vintage Desk Used As A Sink With A Mirror Over It

A Vintage Desk With A Vase Of Flowers And Some Statues On It, And Some Vintage Trunks Under It

A Vintage Desk Used As A Sink With A Storage Under It

A White Vintage Desk With A Lamp And A Clock On It, And A Pic Over It

A Rustic Desk As A Working Space With A Laptop, A Lamp, And Some Books On It Paired With A Chair On A Rug

A Vintage Light Blue And Floral Desk As A Console With Some Books, Chandeliers, And A Vase Of Flowers On It

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