Unique Technology of Color Changing in Color Flow Furniture

Wooden Oval Buffet Color Flow Finish Blue Pink Purple

Technology will always be developed further and farther over the years. Many purposes are behind the invention of new things and techniques. New stuff may serve different purposes that at the end will make a better life of human being. Within the world of interior decoration and home furnishing, there are new trends that bring a better appeal of residential houses as well as simpler ways of doing and getting things done. One unique technology about interior décor is the so-called ColorFlow. What kind of technology that it offers?

Well, it is merely a way of furniture items to alter their finishing color all the times depending on certain conditions. How can it be? This new collection designed by a Korean-base studio named Orijen comes with the so-called lenticular technology. That technology is the one thing to make the finishing color shift from one to another. Beautiful gradients can be seen in a high-resolution process of lenticular technology. It makes the surface of the furniture items to perceive changes accordingly. In simple ways, when the viewing angle is changed the color will look different from previous one. It is an exciting feature to be on furniture items.

It can be said that furniture items using this technology within the ColorFlow collection is bold and vibrant at the same time. It can be perfect for chic style interior decoration. Well, today it comes with only a pair of storage items though. In the future, it may well be developed further to produce more furniture items so that a room or even a house can be filled with these unique looking items.

One of the items within this ColorFlow collection is a freestanding wardrobe with arched top. The design of the closet itself is pretty unique. Unlike ordinary rectangular wardrobe, it comes with a slightly classic arched top. It may not be that efficient in term of space use, but it looks nice. Another piece of this collection is a small sideboard. Both of them can be combined in a room to deliver such vibrant flair within the decoration. The shades of each item are different from one another. In the surface of the sideboard, there are pink, blue, and purple combined. Meanwhile, in the surface of the wardrobe, there are only blue and green in their various shades. Surely the ColorFlow is a unique line of modern furniture items.

Wooden Oval Buffet Color Flow Finish Blue Pink Purple

Color Flow Furniture Items Colorful Finishes Oval Buffet Wooden Legs Arched Top Cabinet

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