Unique Side Table Design named VAI by Minseong Kim

Modern Chic Side Table Black Vai Teacup Saucer Green Goold Wood Floor Black Sofa

Amidst many trends and ideas of modern interior design today there is the so-called geometric design of furniture. It is highly popular today that more options of such items are hitting the market. The fact that geometric furniture can fit various design ideas is the ultimate reason of its rising popularity. Various brands and many designers have tried to deliver their interpretation of this particular style of furniture. One thing for sure, both function and appeal will be there to enjoy regardless of the available space of the decoration.

One of the latest options to consider within geometric furniture is the one called VAI. It is actually a small side table that will simply be an additional piece within many spaces. It can be placed next to a sofa or simply in a corner of any room. Yet, this cool piece offers a unique puzzling form. Designed by Minseong Kim, it comes with precisely calculated method so that the puzzling feature will work perfectly. Small space will not be a problem to place this table.

Well, what could be the good things of this desk then? It is a unique shape for a side table that can be altered accordingly. The previously mentioned puzzling feature is the key of this product. Its offers several cuts in its body in purpose of placing and combining several pieces together when needed. An example will be a piece of VAI can be at the bottom with the opening on one side while another VAI will be on top with its opening on another direction. Basically it will not just be offering a shape when combined. The design and build of this table incorporates tetrahedron formula. It means that its

Clearly it is a perfect choice to enhance modern style decoration with its unique appeal. Despite of its unique look, its function is guaranteed by the designer. It is a robust and light form to be shaped like a pyramid. It is functional and beautiful at the same time. It is offered in three colors of red, blue and black that will easily match various decoration styles and designs. Furthermore, it has to be ability to nest that makes easy to store. Surely the VAI side table from Minseong Kim is not just another option of side table available on the market. It is unique, aesthetic, highly functional and stylish at the same time.

Geometric Side Table Pyramid Shape Black Vai Unique Design

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Modern Chic Side Table Black Vai Teacup Saucer Green Goold Wood Floor Black Sofa

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