Unique Pendant Lighting in 3d Printing Technology

Bold Red Wires Blue Ruche Lamp Green Ruche Lamp Grey Ruche Lamp

The idea of using 3D print technology is not a new thing today. It has been widely used in a lot of stuff today including interior decoration. The 3D printing technology can indeed produce unique items to be incorporated in interior decoration. More and more details have been made by using this particular technology. The fact that it is simple to use to create things is what makes people love to use 3D printing technology today.

Amidst many items related to interior decoration that was made by using 3D printing technology is the Ruche lamp by Plumen. It is a unique looking hanging lamp or pendant which was said to be inspired by nature in its design. The Ruche lam offers multiple strips combined with a purpose of forming leaf forms. The combination of pieces in the body of this Ruche lamp was done in semi-enclosed bulbous form. That is the so-called shade of this hanging lamp. The tone somehow restricts the light to spread all over the area where it is placed. It makes this lamp as a somewhat focused lighting fixture option.

Meanwhile, the bottom of this lamp has its clear opening to allow the light to go through. The opening at the bottom makes it an efficient and functional at the same time aside from just being beautiful as in the design and the shape of its shade. The use of 3D printing technology in the making of this unique lamp means that it minimizes carbon footprint. It is only made-by-order instead of producing it in huge numbers at once. Thus Plumen as the manufacturer of Ruche has its concern regarding the environment as well. It can even be made out of recycled material or biodegradable PLA for better.

At the moment the lamps are available in blue, green and grey finishes only. The wire to support the electricity and to hang it on the ceiling is in red that is so vibrant and eye-catchy. The use of this unique lamp can be in almost any style of interior decoration. Undoubtedly a nature-inspired decoration style will get the most benefit of it. In an industrial-style interior, it will also be looking good when appropriately combined with the rest of the décor in the room. The Ruche lamp is just one example of many items made by using 3D printing technology.

Clear Blue Shade Ruche Lamp Yellowish Bulb Inside

Grey Ruche Lamp Red Wire Barely Visible Bulb

Bold Red Wires Blue Ruche Lamp Green Ruche Lamp Grey Ruche Lamp

Blue Ruche Lamp Green Ruche Lamp Grey Ruche Lamp

Blue Shade Ruche Lamp Bright Bulb Inside

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