Unique Pendant Lamp Inspired by Chinese Paper Lantern

Bone China Fin Lamp Shades In Different Sizes

There are limitless ideas and inspirations about interior décor. Many traditional-style kinds of stuff have been incorporated into modern items to have a unique appeal of various decorative items and furniture items. In term of interior decoration, several items have been so popular to be having a unique design. The lighting fixture is definitely amidst the items to have a unique and sometimes awkward looking design. One thing for sure is that the functional aspect of such unique lighting fixture will not be compromised at all. One latest example of unique lighting fixture came from the mind of Peter Bowles with his inspiration of traditional Chinese lanterns. So, how does it look like?

The basic idea is traditional Chinese lanterns made of paper. The lanterns were so popular in China of course. Unfortunately, it may not be that efficient to have paper lanterns in modern spaces. Thus Peter Bowles brought the idea into reality with the help of master artisans in such high level of handicraft making. It involves a lot of calculations to make sure that the shade looks just like the original paper lantern. The shade is a one-piece item that looks so nice made of raw clay under more than 25 years of intensive work of it.

The manufacturing process can be said to be a labor-intensive process with the need of ultimately high skill. It starts with the mixing of raw clay into the slip of the lantern. The mound will then be filled with the slip in a gentle way to shape the shade eventually after a certain period. Aside from the shade, the ceiling canopy has small noticeable detail as well. The making of that part is also pretty hard just as the shade itself. After the entire processes have been done, the outcome is a pretty unique looking lighting fixture which will be beautiful when it is turned on as well as off.

The so-called Bone China Fin lighting fixture of Peter Bowles is an ultimate piece of item to be added to any interior décor style. The pendant will greatly enhance the overall appeal of the interior in which it could even be the focal point of the décor. It is precisely another fine example of modern items inspired by traditional stuff that can be so beneficial and functional in modern interior decoration today. So, where will you place this Bone China Fin lamp in your house?

Bone China Fin Lamp Shades In Different Sizes

Bone China Fin Pendant Lamps Chinese Paper Lanterns Style

Master Artisan Shaping Bone China Fin Lamp Shade

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