Unique Lamp Design Featuring Sunlight Imitation

Komorebi Lamp White Base Black Post Black Finish Top Section Built In Projector

Bringing the idea of nature into interior décor and furniture items is a common thing today. Many decent items have been inspired by nature so bring them into every style of interior decoration today. Well, in term of lighting fixtures there are so many available options to consider in which all of them are highly functional as well as stunningly beautiful. One of the latest items to be considered a unique lamp is the so-called Komorebi Lamp. The name of this lighting fixture is as unique as its shape and design as well as its features. It will be a nice addition to any décor.

In short, this particular lamp imitates sunlight. How could it be? Well, the main idea of the creation of this lamp was to provide a sunlight-like effect for those who wanted to have it all year long. Regardless of the actual weather condition outside this unique lamp will be able to deliver sunlight inside any interior space as if it is sunny outside. That is considered the main feature of this lighting fixture which is pretty much like nothing else.

Aside from being a kind of imitation of sunlight, this lighting fixture has a unique appeal over its brilliance. It is designed to illuminate interior space while also highly in demand in its natural appeal. It is so unique that it does not emit light. Instead, it creates a perfect illusion as if sunlight comes through a window. That is a brilliant feature that cannot be found in other lighting fixtures so far.

Within the inside of this Komorebi Lamp, there is a projector with video loops in it featuring several different light patterns. The patterns are the actual patterns of sunlight when hitting water bodies as well as shining through trees and branches. The patterns can be selected by using the Komorebi Lamp. It will deliver the authentic effects as if it is sunlight entering the room through the windows. Another decent feature of this lamp is its ability to place itself to point the reflection to different areas of the wall according to the position of the sun during the day. Thus it will look like sunlight that will move to different areas of the wall by the passing of time. Well, this Komorebi Lamp is nothing but brilliant despite the fact that it is just an interior lighting fixture.

Wooden Floor Interior Radiator Black Floating Shelf Artwork White Finish Metal Floor Lamp Lady In Black Reading On A Chair Wooden Chair Grey Cushion Komorebi Lamp Sunlight Pattern On The Wall

Komorebi Lamp Black Finish Top Section Projector Inside

Komorebi Lamp White Base Black Post Black Finish Top Section Built In Projector

Komorebi Lamp White Base Black Finish Top Section Smartphone White Planter Decorative Plant

Interior Radiator Black Floating Shelf Artwork Wooden Floor Kemorebi Lamp Sunlight Pattern On The Wall

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