Unique House in U-Shaped Layout with Indoor and Outdoor Living Incorporated

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Combination of outdoor and indoor space in a residential house is getting more and more common these days. The fact that the price is getting more and more expensive in term of a living space means that all available surfaces should be incorporated into the floor plan of any residential house. Thus there have been some homeowners asking creative designers to combine both indoor and outdoor living within their residential houses. The result varies a lot in the form of unique houses with clear ideas of using both the interior space and the exterior space just as this house in California named the Avocado Acres House. Its name is considerably unique just as its U-shaped layout as a collaboration of Surfside Projects and Lloyd Russell in which the main inspiration is Case Study Houses and Eichler’s mid-century modern design ideas. The actual location of this unique house is the town of Encinitas, California.

This house was made of three pavilions sharing a sloping curved style roof and a courtyard. It faces right to the outdoor areas in which the given feeling inside the house is as if the indoor and the outdoor spaces are one and connected. Furthermore, the courtyard has its main function of maintaining privacy matter of the house itself in the form of a reasonable distance from the street. The U-shaped layout of this house is not a disadvantage at all. It is even considered to be beneficial to connect the indoor and outdoor living.

Sharp lines in angular design can be seen right in the front section of this house. It has a tilted roof along with clerestory windows in that section. Furthermore, within the rear section of the house, it has a kind of curvilinear roofline in a rather contrasting effect to the front section. Neutral tones are on the exterior with the bold yellow door as a distraction of view there. Meanwhile inside the house features wooden flooring along with concrete walls with the wooden ceiling can be seen in a continual state towards the exterior area.

In term of the furnishing, many furniture items are having mid-century modern lines of the design. In purpose of accentuating the décor even further, there are bold artworks as well as some minor color splashes here and there around the interior space. Amidst the beautifying items within the interior are geometrical tiles alongside surfboards as eye-catching wall décor.

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