Unique Furniture Collection of Tropel Inspired by Sierra Madre Occidental

Hikuri Jewelry Box Los Wixarika Furniture Collection Colorful Finish Mexican Pattern

Many possible themes can be incorporated in designing and creating furniture items that could both look beautiful and highly functional. Many brands of furniture items have been trying to deliver the unique collections featuring unique ideas like no other. One of the decent examples of such items is the latest project of Tropel and designer Maurilio Renteria. The idea is basically to deliver a rather different and fresh take on traditional Mexican culture into furniture items. In this case, the idea is to incorporate the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico into the furniture items.

The creativity of Maurilio Renteria is there all over the furniture with a decent expression of that particular religious belief as the main theme. The outcome of this particular project is a set Los Wixarika furniture collection featuring bold colors and surreal shapes alongside unique finishes like nothing else to find. The set of jaw-dropping furniture in the collection of Los Wixarika can be considered to be a set of the highly functional art. It is not just a set of furniture at all; it is a set of art pieces with furniture functions.

Amidst the collection, there is the Hikuri with its shape resemble peyote plant that is used in ceremonial acts of the Wixarika community. There is the Maxa as a reflection of the god of deer as the very important element of Wixarika religious belief of Mexico. Those two items within this particular furniture collection are made of bold glass beads pressed onto wax and resin coated boards. The look of Mexican patterns all over the finish of those items is pretty unique as well as colorful at the same time. Surely the items can be accentuating elements of any décor.

One interesting fact regarding this set of furniture is that there are different color options to consider when trying to match specific theme or décor style in any interior space of today. Well, it certainly is a clever idea to incorporate social elements of a specific society to create a unique set of furniture items really. It is indirectly a way to preserve that particular culture while also introducing it to more and more people. Thus there should be more of this idea out there so that there will be better options of unique furniture items out there. At least this Los Wixarika collection is a decent start, right?

Hikuri Jewelry Box Los Wixarika Furniture Collection Red Orange Yellow Mix Mexxican Pattern Colorful Finish

Hikuri Jewelry Box Monotonous Color Scheme Los Wixarika Furniture Collection

Maxa Jewelry Box Los Wixarika Furniture Colelction Blue Red Pink Mix Mexican Pattern Colorful Finish

Hikuri Jewelry Box Los Wixarika Furniture Collection Colorful Finish Mexican Pattern

Maxa Jewelry Box Blue White Red Finish Los Wixarika Furniture Colelction

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