Unique Designs of Furniture Collection in Fast Food Style

Bold Red Sliced Tomato Back Cushion Design

Furniture items can be designed in any style and shape. There have been some unique ideas along the way within the vast world of interior decoration today. Bringing the old to the latest décor is considerably a decent trend of interior décor today. On the other hand, incorporating unique themes is also preferable to homeowners in decorating their homes. The lineup of unique looking furniture from Seletti and Studio Job will be helpful in enhancing any interior décor style of today. The idea is to bring fast foods into furniture décor by creating the so-called fast food furniture items as close as possible to the real foods.

The lineup of fast food furniture items is named UN_LIMITED_EDITIONS which is considered the start of the manufacturer to offer more options for upholstered furniture items in the market. In short Studio, Job brought the actual pieces of hamburger and hot dog into reality in the form of furniture items. The products are in a perfect combination of affordability of Seletti and playfulness of Studio Job. Surely the offered furniture items are all in colorful finishes that resemble the actual fast foods. Obviously, there will be a large sized hot dog that can be used to sit and relax thanks to Studio Job and Seletti.

It is true that one of the items within the collection is an open hot dog bun as a sofa structure. Upholstered sausage is there as well to bring more realism to the design of the furniture. On the other hand, there is the hamburger bun seat in its unique appeal. It is accompanied by pickled cucumber functioning as an armrest while a slice of tomato has its function as the back cushion. Surely those furniture items will be easy to incorporate to add a kind of fun statement into any décor of interior space.

This collaboration of Seletti and Studio Job is actually en expansion of its previous works in creating Victorian-influenced garden furniture. This fresh approach of bringing fast foods into furniture design is considerably smart move. The furniture items within the UN_LIMITED_EDITIONS are all highly functional while also pretty unique and colorful at the same time. Those who love to have a rather neutral color scheme in their homes will greatly benefit the splashes of colors offered by Seletti and Studio Job in this decent collection of furniture items inspired by fast foods.

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Sliced Pickle Cucumber Pillow Design

Bold Red Sliced Tomato Back Cushion Design

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