Unique Design of Stools to Enhance Any Modern Space

Control New Stool Of Dafi Reis Doron Woooden Base Structure Foam Surface Accents

The stool is definitely a versatile seating piece that can be placed anywhere in any space. Thus it is true that no home that may not be having stools inside. Even for modern spaces, there are just the right pieces of stool to add.

There is the Zolstera stool designed by Carolin Peitsch made of North Sea eelgrass for its seat. That makes it an eco-friendly stool while also durable and lightweight at the same time. Meanwhile, Bouillon studio has its Warm Stool that works like a pot in which hot water can be poured into it to get warmer. Its seat is made of ceramic that helps the warming effect of it when being seated. Next one is the Marshmallow Stool designed by Paul Ketz. Its seat is made of polyurethane foam that is so cushy and looks good even to eat. The use of polyurethane foam makes it a one of a kind piece due to its expanding characteristic. Meanwhile, Allain Gilles has the Chubby Stool designed out of the glass to be highly comfortable and warming. Traditional Czech techniques in mouth blowing glass are used to deliver solid curves of this stool finished by using fabric upholstered foam on top.

Polyurethane foam is poured into a kind of open mold so that it could expand freely all the way a wooden structure of the so-called Control New Stool. It is designed by Dafi Reis Doron using 75% control process. The outcome of such process is a tactile surface of that foam with a unique feel and look of the fabric. Next one is Dokkaebi Stool designed by Jiyoun Kim. Its finish represents eight gradient colors of pine forest in different seasons. Cylindrical stainless steel is mirror-polished to create that gradient illusion of it. The so-called Grass Stool by Jean-Marc Attia is a unique one with recycled synthetic grass as its top surface. Foam is there as well while denim canvas covers the edges of the stool.

Furthermore, there is the Stone Foam Stool of Matthijs Kok. It looks as if it is a stone surface while it is foam. Smart process is done to create that stone-like appearance of its soft foam. Serendipity Stool designed by Daae Won has a unique one of a kind mix of material. It looks like marble texture due to the mix of extruded polyurethane foam alongside black polyurethane strips. It has the rectangular shape that makes it nice for a modern space. One last option is the Mr. T Stool by Ola Giertz. It surely a stool in that letter T shape made of vertical and horizontal placed tubes. It has no sharp edges at all so that its swivel base will be easy to use and safe.

Dokkaebi Stool Of Jiyoun Kim Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Base Colorful Top Finishes

Mr. T. Stool Of Ola Giertz T Shaped Stool Tubular Frames Colorful Finishes

Control New Stool Of Dafi Reis Doron Woooden Base Structure Foam Surface Accents

Marshamllow Stool Of Paul Ketz Colored Metal Legs Colorful Foam Surfaces

Serendipity Stool Of Daae Won Colorful Squared Stool Marble Like Texture

Stone Foam Stool Of Matthijs Stone Like Foam Seating Surface White Legs

Chubby Stool Of Allain Gilles Mouth Blown Glass Base Colorful Finishes Fabric Like Seating Surfaces

Grass Stool Of Jean Marc Attia Synthetic Grass Seating Surface Natural Wooden Legs

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