Unique Design of Coil Lamp Covered with Colorful Cord

The Coil Lamp Bold Orange Cord Exterior Cover

Adding a statement to any décor can be done by using any item in which a lighting fixture is included. Thus, there have been so many lighting fixtures offered in unique shape and design by various manufacturers. The unique elements of such items may not even just in term of their look but their materials as well. This one, for example, is a lighting fixture covered with a cord. The cord itself can actually be opened up to reveal the main structure of this lighting fixture. In short, it really is a unique piece of the lighting fixture to be added to any interior décor.

The name of this unique lighting fixture is Coil Lamp which really is covered with a colorful cord. The cord itself is an extension in which it is not that needed to operate or activate the light thus it is used just to cover up the entire build of this lighting fixture. It really is a smart idea to make use of an extension cord as a part of the lamp to boost its appeal at the same time. Practicality is definitely being appropriately addressed here. The actual base of this lamp is acrylic that provides housing for the cord to wrap around the body of this lighting fixture.

The base of this lamp is made by intersecting two precisely laser cut acrylic pieces to be the main framework. Once the base has been set, the extension cord in its 100ft length is wrapped or coiled around that base frame of acrylic. Thus the name of this lamp is Coil Lamp to resemble the coiling of that extension cord. In short, it is possible to say that the light has two different looks with or without the wire around the frame.

One thing about this Coil Lamp is the fact that it is a limited edition. That makes it a really exclusive piece of the lighting fixture to be added to modern space. Each package of this Coil Lamp will include acrylic frames, 100ft orange colored extension cord, bulb adaptor, and a piece of CFL light bulb as the main source of light. With the cord covering the frame surely this Coil Lamp will be a decent addition and a statement of décor in any space. There are not much of items that could be this smart in incorporating one of its main elements to boost its appeal at the same time.

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