Unique Design of Clay House with Shipping Container Above

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A modern house can be incorporating almost anything into the design and the décor to boost its appeal. Thus there are many unique examples of a modern house with rather jaw-dropping features like nothing else. There is the so-called Clay House on a hill in the east of Bali with a unique feature of additional shipping contained on top to add volume to the design of the house. This tropical modern house was built on stilts to get the raise from the ground. Overall it looks really stand out on a hillside with that modern appeal as done by architect Budi Pradono. One unique thing about the shipping container above this house is that it looks like it will slide downward.

This so-called Clay House is made of a perfect pair of volumes sitting securely on concrete stilts for the purpose of raising it above the surrounding trees within the area. Thus it looks like something coming out just there in the middle of a forest. It faces Indian Ocean and paddy fields before it. Right at the top of the house is a delivery container placed at an angle of 60 degrees upwards. Basically is used to create high ceiling space for the master bedroom inside. There is a big window as well opening up to a terrace. The exterior is finished in white to reflect the light and avoid high heat inside the house.

One of the clever ideas of the designer is to cover the walls with clay. Yet the clay was treated carefully by local craftsmen with a perfect mixture of several elements including cement, straw, sand and cow dung. It is then completed by the use of board-marked walls in 30 centimeters of thickness to avoid overheating since it is a hot tropical area of the globe. Meanwhile, the interior space was beautified by the use of flattened bamboo for beautiful natural appeal. Stone tiling and wooden furniture items can be seen all over the interior space of the house to embrace the nature.

In the end, this so-called Clay House has a perfect mixture of modern design with a bit of industrial flair while also incorporating local as well as natural elements all over it. Surely within the area of this house location, it looks really stand out due to the fact that there are only trees and fields surround it while has a bright white finish.

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