Unique Design of Cardboard Lamps to Add to Your Interior

Numerouno Cardboard Hanging Lighting Fixture Marble Countertop Gas Cooker Apples

Cardboard items for interior decoration are a hot trend today. There have been many items made of cardboard designed and created by various manufacturers. The lighting fixture is definitely amidst the cardboard items that can be useful for any interior. These are some of the best options of cardboard lamps to buy.

Chen Bikovski presented the Popup Reindeer cardboard lighting fixture that is very easy to assemble. It is made of entire cardboard in various color finishes and shades. This wall lamp has an iconic deer head shape with the lights coming out as its antler. Another choice is the Cartonado by Vicara in form of a small table lamp. It is easily packable in which all of the pieces were laser cut to ensure precision in assembling it to produce warm light. Next item is the so-called Scraplights designed by Graypants studio from Seattle. It is a ceiling lamp in which the shade is made of corrugated cardboard salvaged remnants from the local area of its manufacturer. It uses laser cutting method to save the materials for the making of itself. The pieces are joined using glue in concentric circles.

Meanwhile, there are the R16 by Waarmakers that is cleverly using a shipping tube as light bulb housing. The tube is cut in precise sizing so that it will perfectly fit house light bulb. It really is a lightweight choice of hanging lighting fixture for a modern interior. The next choice of cardboard lighting fixture is Zigzag Grandma by Nico Goebel. It features an orange metal frame around the cardboard cover or shade of its light. The frame is an awesome contrast to the cardboard that makes it even better to look at. Laura Wellington has its reproduced Plumen pendant in her MINI HULA Special Edition. This pendant features circular cut cardboards as its shade with bold bulb housing in the middle.

Furthermore, there is the Numerouno cardboard lamp designed by Johannes Kiessler from Germany. It has a really sturdy construction of cardboard as well as an ultra-bright 21W tube to lower the use of energy. It is pretty lightweight in just 600 grams which is pretty easy to disassemble. Next hot choice is the New Flat lamp by Formjord in which the shade is the main attraction. It can even be folded and sent in an envelope as a gift. Basically the shade looks like an upside-down cardboard box. This last choice is rather sculptural which is named Bye Bye Shanghai from Uroboros design. Recycled cardboards have been altered to be a really organic looking pendant in the most artistic way.

New Flat Lamp Cardboard Shade Pendant

R16 Carboard Lamp Carboard Tube Bulb Housing

Zigzag Grandma Cardboard Lamp Bold Orange Metal Framing Artistic Cardboard Shade

Plumen Drop Cap Pendant Cardboard Lamp Bold Red Bulb Housing Orbital Shape Cardboard Shade

Numerouno Cardboard Hanging Lighting Fixture Marble Countertop Gas Cooker Apples

Scraplights Cardnoard Shade Pendants Circular Lamp Shade

Cartonado Cardboard Table Lamp

Popup Reindeer Cardboard Lighting Unit Deer Head Shape White Floating Shelves Black Circular Base

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