Unique Bathtub Designs to Beautify Any Bathroom

Xiuxi Bathtub Elegant Home Spa Tub Frosted Glass Covering Light Features Wall Mirror White Toilets White Vanity Large Tile Flooring

A bathtub, as well as a shower, is definitely the focal point of decoration in any bathroom. That small space will not be having other elements as bold as either a bathtub or a shower.  Commonly the rest of the things inside a bathroom will just be accentuating the décor and accompanying the bathtub itself. Thus, choosing one of these following unique bathtubs will greatly boost the decorative appeal of any bathroom in no time.

A suspended glass bubble sphere called Bathysphere is a masterpiece of Alexander Zhukovsky. It comes with temperature change, rain simulation, humidity control, as well as lights and sounds feature. Well, that is pretty awesome for a bathtub, right? Meanwhile, a decent piece of tub called Xtend is designed by Carina Deutsche. Its material is carbon fiber cut by using water jet technology weighing only 7 kilograms with just 805 millimeters of thickness. It is an extraordinary concept of the freestanding bathtub. Next on the list is Goccia by Maromin that uses gel coat as the main material to offer smooth surfaces. It displays lightness of its large folded rim resembling white shirt collar.

Furthermore, Kreoo offered the Kora made of one solid block cut and carved using a totally fine and meticulous technique. Stability of its placement is supported by the iron tripod to deliver lightness feel as well in the form of floating marble inside a bathroom. Meanwhile, the Diamond by Maison Valentina comes with the idea of a precious jewel. Its exterior is made of fiberglass in the translucent black glossy finish. The exterior body is highly sculptured with eye catchy gold interior for a splash in any bathroom décor. Next is Xiuxi by Erik Edward Kim that is a spa bath at home. It features air injection device to create a bubble of water for better health stimulation.

Next one is Newton as another decent bathtub by Maison Valentina. It is a luxurious piece of décor statement as a mix of contemporary design and high-end materials. It is enjoyable to see in any bathroom for sure. Another choice is Quartz by Jonas Lindvall that is a really solid piece of quartzite from the Alps cut precisely to form a nice looking bathtub like nothing else. Meanwhile, the Symbiosis is in a set with a sink designed by Desnahemisfera. It comes with a magic button to control water temperature and pressure. It even has built-in speakers to play music using any mobile device. One last pick on this list is Vessel by Splinter Works that comes with a mix of tub and hammock. It is made of carbon fiber along with foam core insulation forming a really sculptural piece of the bathtub.

Bathsphere Tub Rounded Glass Suspended Tub Floor Lamps Black Lampshades Pink Sofa Glazed Wall

Newton Bathtub Gold Inner Finish Gold Faucet Black And Gold Bubble Shaped Covering

Diamond Bathub Sculptural Exterior In Translucent Black Finish Gold Accent Gold Faucet

Quartz Bathtub Rectangular Shape Stone Tile Flooring Glazed Wall Minimalist Copper Faucet

Symbiosis Tub And Sink Set White Finish Stainless Steel Faucets Yellow Textured Rug White Towel Hanger White Towel

Goccia Bathtub Black And White Finish White Colar Resemblance Design White Floating Vanity White Sinks Wall Mirror Stainless Steel Taps

Kora Tub Single Cut Stone Block Design Black Legs Bowl Shaped Tub

Xtend Bathtub Design Carbon Fiber Frame Fabric Inlay Built In Shower

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