Unique Appeal and Bold Design of Polifemo Storage Cabinet

Polifemo Storage Cabinet Metal Legs One Eye Design

Today it is rather easy to find furniture items that are not just simple and functional but pretty much unique, anti-mainstream and irresistible. More and more creative designers created unique looking things to help people beautify their interior without compromising the functionality of the entire interior. Modern style décor is one particular decoration style that can easily be combined with those unique and one of a kind items. Recently an Italian designer named Elena Salmistraro designed a unique looking cabinet with the touch of Greek mythology. Well, how does the council look like?

The accent cabinet designed by Elena Salmistraro is named Polifemo. The main inspiration of this cabinet design is the one-eyed character named Cyclops within the Greek mythology. Well, some people may consider it to resemble the cute yellow character of minions in Despicable Me movies. Either way, it looks pretty awkward yet beautiful at the same time. Timber composes it in its structure with copper covers. It features ornamental chevron pattern engraving along with its handles to resemble the inner eye of its entire build. As a small storage cabinet, it can easily be used as an accentuating piece of interior decoration.

The unusual shape and appeal of this Polifemo cabinet is the one thing that makes it unique compared to other options of such furniture item. It screams a powerful character within a new level of the aesthetic dimension of the furniture item. It is not just function as a storage solution but also a beautifying factor of any interior decoration where this cabinet is placed. The build is a perfect combination of different materials that delivers just the right shape, size, look and function in only a small piece of the cabinet.

Furthermore, it has its idea to set a comeback as well in term of the trend to use small furniture items. It was a trend quite a long time ago before it disappears at around 2007. Today more and more people prefer to have smaller furniture items with a more prominent function to follow the trend of living in a small area. So this Polifemo cabinet is amidst many things that can be useful in dealing with limited living space today. Using small items of furniture with the highest level of function like this unique looking mono eye style cabinet is just the right move to get the best out of small space.

Black Copper Color Scheme Polifemo Storage Cabinet

Polifemo Storage Cabinet Metal Legs One Eye Design

Timber Wood Copper Polifemo Storage Cabinet Sideview

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