Unique and Comfortable House with Stone Fencing and Amazing Views of Pacific Ocean

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There is no limit in designing a house that can be so unique in term of its appearance while pretty comfortable to live. Various materials can always be incorporated in the construction process to be able to deliver a great result at the end. The Creat+Think Design Studio of Taiwan has just done a marvelous looking house using materials excavated right from the sire of the house. Stones from that particular site of the house are incorporated to be the fencing and base for this stunning house called A’tolan House. It is a stunning house with beautiful and refreshing views of the Pacific Ocean to enjoy at all times.

The name of the house itself is taken from a local indigenous language that means hard place. Thus the rocks are incorporated into the design of the base foundation of the house and the fencing. The architects previously created stepped terrain for the house right on the hillside in which stones are excavated along the process. The actual location of the house is just right at Taiwan’s eastern seaboard facing the Pacific Ocean as the main attraction of the entire house.

Inside the house, there is a kitchen with folding glass doors so that outside air can quickly enter the house for the fresh atmosphere at any time. The kitchen is open to a kind of large terrace which can be used as a spot for star-gazing as well as yoga whenever it is the right moment to do so. Meanwhile, there is the master bedroom of this house right at the best spot of this house. It has an en-suite bathroom inside featuring a shower with skylight for natural lights to enter it quickly. The glazed door closes the space that separates it from the outdoor deck featuring a circular tub in small size for comfortable bathing. Furthermore, there is a staircase leading to the roof in which there is the space for sunbathing on some loungers with a bit of freshness from potted herbs.

Meanwhile, the lowest section of the house is the actual area of the stone wall in which it serves as a backdrop to an infinity pool and a large garden. There is a beautiful waterfall that flows from the top level into the infinity pool. Overall this so-called A’tolan House is a wonderful house either for a vacation or to move in for real.

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