Uncommon Design of Sideboard to Create Décor Statement in Any Space

The Bar Sotti Sideboard Design Of Allex Colontonio By Studio Vitty Grey And Tangerine Corian Base Materials

Back then a sideboard was known as a credenza. It was so popular years ago while today its function may not be that essential as it was. Yet it turns out that a sideboard in unique design can really be used to create a kind of décor statement within any interior space. These are some of the best choices of buffet or credenza to do that thing right away.

Sebastian  Errazuriz designed the Explosion Cabinet made of stainless steel, glass, and maple in the form of a closed unit. It has transparent side panels and a vertical center seam as part of its mechanism when needed to be operated. Its geometric proportions are nothing else but beautiful. The Confetti Credenza is having a design like sweets. Solid maple alongside veneer one makes up the fronts while blackened steel is there for its base. It is considered a playful piece that will look nice in any modern space. Next option is Birch bark Cabinet from Union Wood Co. The uniqueness of tree bark is there in the doors of every item to be one of a kind design. The base color is either white or black lacquered finish.

Furthermore, there is the Credenza designed by Chuck Routhier. It is a minimalist item in the bright finish and rather funny design. It is actually a handmade piece out of Baltic birch plywood completed with rubbed dipped legs as well as covered sliding doors. Next on this list is Stained Glass Credenza from Patricia Urquiola featuring playful colors and contemporary graphic patterns. Traditional techniques are used in the making so that the outcome is a stunning piece. Wave Cabinet of Sebastian Errazuriz is there to consider as well. It has a unique opening mechanism, unlike traditional doors. The finish is white lacquer covering Baltic birch slats as its main material.

Meanwhile, Jory Brigham delivers the Big Sur Credenza as an unusual one with straight lines base alongside handmade weaving that hides four drawers. Imperfections of wood are showcased most beautifully in this sideboard. Bar/Sotti from Allex Colontonio offers a dynamic finish of a statement sideboard piece. Studio Vitty manufactured it by using Corian in grey and tangerine. Diamond Sideboard by Boca Do Lobo is an entirely manual produced item. It comes with two doors, two drawers, and a shelf in gold leaf finish. The legs are even carefully carved beautifully. The last choice is the one from Zoe Pawlak made of powder-coated steel base in a minimalist form. The finish is hand painted for the best look of it like no other.

The Birch Bark Cabinet By Union Wood Co Unique Birch Bark Pattern Front Wooden Flooring Decorative Greenery Framed Wall Artworks

The Credenza Of Chuck Routhier Small Size Minimalist Design Wooden Base Rubber Dipped Legs Grey Finished Front White Curtain Books

The Big Sur Credenza Design By Jory Brigham Naturl Wooden Finish Wrinkled Wooden Front Section

The Colorful Stained Glass Credenza By Patricia Urquiola And Federico Pepe Rounded Design Small Size

The Explosion Cabinet From Sebastian Errazuriz Stainless Steel Base And Legs Scattered Wooden Body Pieces

The Bar Sotti Sideboard Design Of Allex Colontonio By Studio Vitty Grey And Tangerine Corian Base Materials

The Hand Painted Credenza Of Zoë Pawlak And Jeff Martin Powder Coated Black Base And Legs Wooden Flooring Hand Painted Front Section

The Purple Finished Diamond Sideboard Design Of Boca Do Lobo Geometrical Design Golden Legs

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