Ultra Violet Ready to Rock Your Space

A Set Of Violet Dining Table In A Violet Dining Room With A Chandelier Hanging Over

It’s become an annual habit for Pantone agency to announce one or more colors of the year for numerous reasons. Based on their opinion, ultraviolet becomes the color of the upcoming year. We are coming at a bold, mood-boosting and cheery color.  It is not only about that. The color may also give a dynamic atmosphere to any space, from a lux to a chic one. Are you ready to give a bold color to your home decor? First thing first, you should not be excessive in applying the color to your home decor. It makes the violet touches of yours more gorgeous. Designing a full-violet space is tasteless. There are some outstanding ideas that can be your inspiration. Don’t be hesitate to grab them and make your interior awesome!

A Statement Wall

If you are a brave person, making a violent statement wall is a good idea. It can be applied in any space, from your kitchen to a sleeping zone. A matching floating shelves and a floating desk hanged on the wall will be great if it’s a home office. This can be a headboard wall for a bedroom. For a bathroom, it can be a sink wall. Actually, violet is a new movement on traditional blues used for bathroom decor. Put some matching purple-lined furniture in the dining room or bedroom, such as curtains or rugs to preserve the decor.


Violet furniture may be a good way for you if you don’t want a cardinal change in your area. Delicate violet chairs, sofas, beds, bookshelves or sideboard have been presented by modern designers. Make a violet piece or pieces more stand out by making your space as neutral as possible. Nevertheless, violet items will also suit an eclectic space, a gorgeous and just modern bold one and you can combine it with numerous bold shades as fuchsia, pink, red, blue, or emerald.

It is a cool idea to place delicate violet upholstered chairs in your living room, and bold chic violet stools in your dining room. Place an upholstered violet bed in your bedroom to make a bold eye-catchy touch, and feature your books with a violet bookcase.If you do not have the appropriate purple property and do not want to buy it, you can create D.I.Y. Just paint a shabby chic cupboard, chair, or any properties you have into the ultraviolet, and you have a stylish property for cheap! Yet, don’t put too much ultraviolet for your decor. It’s very bold, and it’s better to place less furniture to make this color stand out more.

A Violet Polkadot Chair With White Cushion And A Red Stool Placed On A Violet Floral Print Rug

A Violet Bed With Colorful Pillows And Blankets In Front Of A Violet Wall

Two Chairs And A Console With A Vase Of Flowers On It In Front Of A Violet Printed Statement Wall

A Violet Cabinet With Many Books On And In It Placed In Off White Room

A Dining Table With Some Plates, Vases Of Flowers, And Some Cups On It, Some Violet Chairs Around It

Some Colorful Patterned Sofas In A Room With Violet Wall And Two Large Shelves

A Violet Cabinet Full Of White Plates And Cups Placed Near A Vase Of Flowers

A Wall And Some Open Shelves In Violet With Some Stuffs On It

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