Two Barns Transformation to a Rustic and Vintage Residential House

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It is getting popular today to alter one thing to be entirely new stuff. It even applies to the world of residential house building. There have been many people transforming old and ugly houses to fresh and beautiful homes at the end. Well, there is a unique suburban house located in the city of Roxbury, Connecticut. The primary materials of the house are two barns. Well, two old barns have been altered and transformed beautifully to be a substantial residential house without having to eliminate the original appeal of barns of it.

It was the East Coast Barn Builders job under the name of Ed Cady Senior and Junior who created the house out of two old wooden barns. As a matter of fact, within the house, there are plaster walls, exposed wood beams, as well as cypress flooring. Apparently, the barn appeal of its exterior is not the only aspect of beauty that can be found in the house.

The interior décor surely has vintage and rustic appeal at the same time. It supports the exterior of the house which is pretty much a barn. So inside the home, the decoration features a lot of natural wood and stone being used in many forms. Mainly when getting inside the house, the impression will be like the time of 19th century or even a lot earlier. Natural materials are the starts inside the home. Within the living room is the example of vintage décor with leather upholstery of the seating. Meanwhile, the fireplace is made of stone accompanied by rare wooden furniture items on the other side of the living area. Even the lighting is the use of a beautiful looking piece of vintage lanterns. Showcasing old stuff today can never be that cool.

Wooden beams are exposed in the bedroom with unique vintage wardrobe for the storage. Even the bathroom has a lot of wood inside including the vanity and the bathtub. More wood means that the interior is closer to natural elements. Meanwhile, the dining area is combined with the kitchen in a slightly refined manner with modern appliances. There are vintage things there as well such as a large kitchen island and a customized wooden display cabinet. In the end, the house is fantastic especially the fact that it remains to look like a barn from the outside.

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