The Way We Live In a Unique Cabinet

A Man’s Head, A Computer, A Radio, A Telephone, And A Clock In Arrange

Are you a person who like something different? Are you a person who is anti-mainstream? Are you a person who like extraordinary thing? It will be a good news for you because this time I would like to talk about an extraordinary thing. If you are a fan of contrasting and unusual pieces of furniture, this might interest you. Vasilis Markostian, the Greek artist, proudly presents a cabinet that consists of two panels that are made out of the glass on the top and wood in the lower part. It reflects a vitrine when you see it at a glance. Yet, when you open it, you will get surprised because the author left some objects on the inside. You will find some objects that reflect a person live for real. It will be very amazing and meaningful. Are you curious enough to see it? Let’s go then!

When you come through and open the doors, you will found a bust of a man on the first shelf that is placed in the center of the room. It is surrounded by many trees that are just as geometric as humans themselves. Now, let’s see at the undershelf. On the shelf below, you may see many industrial items, utilitarian, and high technology products from the culture of 90 century. Those items are portable radio tape players, lighters, electric cookers, computers, and laptops. All of those items stand in pairs. They are seriously and thoughtfully arranged in a symmetrical way in order to make the shapes, the size, and the colors respond to each other. In addition, they serve a deliberate rhythmic composition strategy at the same time. If you think deeper, there is an interesting difference between the two layers. This difference that makes this item becomes very meaningful and very unusual. A little bit shock, don’t you?

If you see more detail, all of the objects are surrogate items. They are made out of wood that is constructed in precise constructions. Because of they are precisely constructed, the objects look very real and really cool. They are not handmade objects but they are the undoing of the manufacturing process that salvages the artisanal modes from a return into an attitude of design culture. All of the fake objects show us that all of the things around will not matter much for us. Such a great meaningful item, isn’t it?

A Cabinet Consists Of Many Artistic Things Inside

A Closed Simple Cabinet With Many Artistic Things Inside

Some Wooden Radios And A Wooden Clock

A Man’s Head, A Computer, A Radio, A Telephone, And A Clock In Arrange

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