The Unique Design of a Bookshelf with a Chair in It by Sou Fujimoto

The Bookchair Bookshelf And Reading Chair In White Finish

Many unique furniture items can be found in the furniture and home furnishing market of today. Most of them will not just be having unique appearance though. They will offer unique features as well to ensure that practicality matter is there within the actual item. Those who love to read a lot will definitely favor this unique looking bookshelf named Bookchair. Well, the name of this rather big furniture item implies its design. In short, it is a bookshelf with a reading chair stored in it.

This uniquely awesome furniture item is a clever idea of a Japanese architect named Sou Fujimoto. Basically the initial idea in creating this item is that it should be making it easier for book lovers to enjoy their reading time without having to worry about the space. The item is a set of a bookshelf and a chair in which the chair can be stored on the shelf. The chair can even be incorporated as a normal seating for other activities in the respective space whenever needed. When stored the floor space will be free so that small living space such as an apartment will get the benefit of this particular item.

The bookshelf may look like a normal bookshelf when the chair is stored. It will really be a perfect storage solution for a small space. Meanwhile, the chair has its cutout section on the shelf so that it can seamlessly be stored there whenever it is not needed. Upon the need for the chair, it can easily be slide out immediately. Overall the appearance of this item is really minimalist. That makes it perfect to be incorporated in a modern space. The secret of its seamless appeal is the fact that the chair has some shelf surfaces as well. That makes the look of the shelf pretty normal when the chair is stored inside.

The entire item is made of a piece of wood separated into different panels for the sake of easier construction. The finish of this furniture item is only white since that emphasizes the idea of a minimalist. Furthermore the color of white kind of highlights the books stored and displayed there as the main attraction. The so-called Bookchair is a clever design of furniture that could maximize the use of floor space. It is highly functional and s[pace savvy at the same time so that it really worth to buy right away.

The Bookchair White Finished Bookshelf Stored Reading Chair Inside

The Bookchair Bookshelf And Reading Chair In White Finish

The Bookchair White Finish Bookshelf With Chair Inside

The Bookchair Wooden Floor Herringbone Pattern Books White Finish Comfy Reading Chair

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