The Pack Sofa from Edra Features a Cozy Bear Back

Standard Color Version Of Pack Sofa From Edra Wooden Flooring Glazed Walls Spiral Wooden Stairs

A sofa is a furniture item that should be able to deliver the highest level of comfort upon its use. Concerning that matter, there have been many creative ideas and ways done by designers and manufacturers to be able to provide the ultimate comfort level of their sofas. Sometimes that concern comes to unique interpretations so that the finished piece of the item looks nothing but unconventional. The so-called Pack Sofa from Edra is one of many individual parts of the sofa that could provide a high level of comfort and coziness upon the use of it.

One thing about this so-called Pack Sofa is a large chunk of cushion that looks like a bear sleeping on its side seen from the back of it. Well, that piece on the surface of this large sofa looks that way. Overall the shape of this sofa is like a giant ice block floating on a surface with that sleeping bear on it. Edra has no hesitation and fear at all when bringing the design idea of this sofa into reality. At the end that daring spirit of the company leads to successful production and release of such one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. It may not be small, but still, it is an excellent choice for any modern space even a small one.

Right between the mix of design and art, this Pack Sofa is a sculptural and gran piece of sofa unlike any other articles out there. In term of its upholstery, the fur is pretty fluffy and creamy that looks great and feels good at the same time. Its large size means that it can even be a comfortable place to nap or even sleep for more than one person. On the other hand, it can be the main thing in any modern living room as the centerpiece of conversation.

So far it has the black finish version that looks somewhat moody and dark while the standard version resembles the soft blue tone of floating ice block and white polar bear. This Pack sofa is a decent statement piece of furniture that will not just give the needed comfort and coziness upon its use but also add a decorative aspect to any space of its placement. A modern area will look even better with the addition of this large sofa, especially inside the living room.

Soft Blue Fluffy Upholstered Pack Sofa Surface With Large White Bear Like Back Seat A Women Having A Rest On It

Standard Color Version Of Pack Sofa From Edra Wooden Flooring Glazed Walls Spiral Wooden Stairs

Black Version Of The Pack Sofa From Edra Wooden Flooring Rough Brick Wall Thick Wooden Ceiling Beams Industrial Black Shade Pendants White Wooden Open Shelving Cabinet

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