The Nook Bed for a Secluded Personal Space to Get Privacy

Nook Bed Black Frame Striped Bedding Black Comfy Chair Large Flat Screen Tv Playstation 4 Gaming Console Headset Stored Bicycle Accent Pillows

A bed may not always be a bed in some ways. That is clearly the idea that can be seen in form of a bed named Nook Bed. It really is not just a bed to sleep at night. This particular bed is an entirely perfect concept for a personal space that can even be personalized according to its owner and user. The design is done by Carlos Tiscar to really deliver a smart interpretation of a highly functional modern piece of furniture. So, what can possibly be offered by this unique Nook Bed?

This bed has its name to describe a specific corner that can be used to do something. It is a common term used within interior decoration matters. There are several common types of nook including reading nook, breakfast nook, and surely a kind of personal nook like this one offered by this bed. The actual design of this Nook Bed combines a highly modern interpretation of such vintage style of a canopy bed. Thus it can really provide a personal seclusion with a rather high level of privacy. It will definitely be needed in a tight living space with a just one-floor plan.

This so-called Nook Bed is basically an all-in-one piece of furniture with several features to offer. Yet the robust characteristic of its build comes only in white or black. No other tone to choose since it stays within the scope of the modern furniture item. One thing for sure is that it can be accessorized by adding various other items to get a more personalized appearance. Furthermore, in term of its function, it can be adjusted seamlessly to provide sleeping space, study corner, relaxing spot, and even play area. All of those things will be better with the perfect seclusion offered by the design of this Nook Bed.

There is even a built-in LED lighting fixture to light up all kinds of activities supported by this bed. Moreover, there are integrated desktops, video games module, and cloth-hanging feature to enjoy the use of this Nook Bed. Next thing about this item is that it comes with add-on accessories that could really personalize this item further. Those accessories include various fabrics in different colors to be its cover. It needs only a hex key to do the assembling as well as adding some additional features to it. Surely the Nook Bed is a multifunctional furniture item that will be beneficial for tight living spaces.

Nook Bed Black Frame Striped Bedding Black Comfy Chair Large Flat Screen Tv Playstation 4 Gaming Console Headset Stored Bicycle Accent Pillows

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