The Grey Kitchen Ideas

A Kitchen Features Grey Cabinet With Marble Counter Tops And White Shelves

Neutral colors become the most favorite color because it is timeless and can be mixed with another color that you like whether it is bold or bright. Besides black and white colors, grey is also one of the most favorite colors to be used in designing a space because it is neutral. Since it is neutral, it can be easily combined with the other shades, timeless, and fit many decor styles. Grey can go well with various neutral colors, dark colors, with its various shades and lots of bold colors, too. In this nice time, I am going to share some ideas about how to rock a grey kitchen that make you want to stay longer in this space. Let’s check this out and get inspired!

Light Grey Kitchens

Light grey shades are looked soft, relaxing, and it is easy to be mixed with various touches that you like. Therefore, such a shade becomes very popular for kitchen decoration. For you who want a modern and even minimalist look, you may try a sleek look with no handles. For you who want a vintage look, try proper cabinets and add glass armoires. You may also try counters and walls to refresh the look, or just add metallic touches through lamps and handles to make your space more attractive. If you think your kitchen is too boring, try to add textures or colorful touches to space. It can be a marble or stone backsplash, a wooden dining set, concrete counters or walls and of course cool tile backsplashes.

Dark Grey Kitchens

Dark grey shades are also welcomed and very compatible to be used as kitchen decor. You can mix dark grey shade with almost everything. For you who want to create a moody kitchen, which is extremely popular nowadays, dark grey shades will be a great choice. You may add navy, black, and dark green with copper touches to create a gorgeous, moody space. Not only for the moody kitchen, but you may also use dark grey shades in your vintage kitchen. Make it complete with white counters, backsplashes, and walls to reduce this darkness and make it fresh. You will get a stunning kitchen. Try to add metallic handles and fixtures, some tiles for the backsplash that can catch an eye, and interesting pendant lamps to your dark grey kitchen, your fabulous dark grey kitchen is done!

A Kitchen With Grey Kitchen Cabinets In Wooden Countertop And White Tile Backsplash

A Minimalist Kitchen With Grey Kitchen Cabinets And Marble Backsplash

A Kitchen With Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets And White Tile Backsplash Near A Wooden Round Dining Table With Chairs

A Whitewashed Wooden Floor Kitchen With Graphite Vintage Grey Kitchen Cabinets

A Kitchen Feature Half White Cabinets And Half Grey Cabinets With White Countertops

A Kitchen With Grey Kitchen Cabinets And White Tile Backsplash Near A Wooden Round Dining Table With Chairs

A Kitchen With Grey Kitchen Cabinets And A Kitchen Island With Three Wooden Stools

A Kitchen With Grey Kitchen Cabinets And Marble Backsplash

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