The Geometric Design of Manet Easy Chair of Marta Szymkowiak

Manet Chair Removable Polyester Foam Cases In Bold Red Color

Adding even just one unique furniture item in any interior space could really deliver an impressive result. The overall feel of the décor will easily be changed even just by a piece of a lighting fixture or a chair. Well, today there are many unique items of furniture that can be placed in any interior space to provide a one of a kind accentuating element just like this unique chair from Marta Szymkowiak. The chair is named Manet Easy Chair in which it has a rather harsh look yet pretty soft and comfortable at the same time. That is clearly the main idea of unique furniture item of today to be highly enjoyable in term of its appeal but remain highly functional at the highest level of it.

It is obvious that at a glance this chair seems to be that hard in its geometric design. Yet it has been ensured by its designed that each one of the outcrops of this chair is a soft pillow that could easily bend and compress to really accommodate different sitters of it. In short, it can even be said that this chair could eventually hug its sitter.

It has its main idea over its design to really provide a high level of comfort upon its use so that even each pillow can be removed and adjusted. Regardless of the posture of the sitter, this chair will be able to provide just the right surface to sit on in the purpose of delivering the highest level of comfort to the sitter. Another surprising element of this chair is that the gaps of the pillows can even be incorporated for other use of it. Books, tablets, or phones can be wedged there in the holes that make this chair highly functional and practical, right?

In term of the build, this so-called Manet Easy Chair has is box base made of MDF while its finish is actually vinyl fabric. There are 16 pillows inside that are all crafted out of soft foam. Polyester is used to line the pads so that they are all can be removed and adjusted as it has been mentioned earlier. This chair is a smart idea of a beautiful looking piece of seating for any space with hat high level of function it could offer. Surely any modern themed space will look even better with the addition of this Manet Easy Chair from Marta Szymkowiak.

Manet Chair Removable Polyester Foam Cases In Bold Red Color

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