The Flatball Portable Lamp from Smart & Green

Flatball Portable Lamp By Smart & Green Blue Light Egg Shaped Design

A fresh design of lamp with a modern accent is definitely perfect to complete any space. It is true that both indoor and outdoor space will look better with the addition of a nice looking lamp such as this one from French company named Smart & Green. The actual idea is to create a versatile piece of the lamp that can be used in both indoor and outdoor space for any activities at any time. That is about the practical element of this lamp. Furthermore in term of the design of this lamp, surely it will easily be noticed in any space of its placement. It offers unique design in the scope of modern style which is pretty sure to work easily with any decoration style.

The lamp is called Flatball that offers its unique shape of an egg. Well, that shape is definitely the key to being a very attractive and eye-catchy item. It is a portable lamp so that it can easily be moved from one place to another depending on the need for it to be used. The light source is definitely LED to provide better lighting without using too much energy. One decent feature of this lamp is that it is actually cordless. It means that there will be no problem at all when moving this lamp to any space since no outlets needed to get it lighted. It can be charged whenever the power runs out.

Furthermore, it has a color-changing feature as well that adds the value of this portable lamp. The actual shape of this lamp is inspired by river pebbles with a flat bottom so that it can easily be placed on any surface. Furthermore, the curvy shape of its top section is the beauty of it to be displayed. The lamp comes in four different sizes to make sure that it will meet anyone needs. Aside from that different sizing options, it comes with remote control, multiple charger options, stands, and straps. It means that it can be installed as either a hanging or standing lamp as well.

Overall this Flatball portable lamp designed by Smart & Green is really a smart solution of the modern lighting fixture. It looks pretty nice in any space with many possible alterations to make to meet different needs upon the use of it really. It definitely is a beautiful modern lamp that is easy to use in any space like no other options.

Smart & Green Flatball Portable Lamp Egg Shaped Design Bold Pink Light

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Flatball Portable Lamp By Smart & Green Blue Light Egg Shaped Design

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