The First Line of Pet Furniture Items of IKEA Named Lurvig

Grey Wall Wooden Floor White Cat Tree House Inspired Cat Hideaway Green Pet Blanket Wicker Cover

It is popularly known that IKEA is a brand specializes in furniture items. There are so many innovative products are manufactured and sold by IKEA to meet different customer needs. Whenever a new line of products is announced to be released soon, people are eager to know about them immediately. The fact that IKEA furniture items are always fresh and functional is the reason that people love them. Recently it is officially announced that there is a new line of product from IKEA. Well, this line of product is pretty unique since it is the very first line of IKEA items designed for pets. Well, it is not a joke at all since the Lurvig line features several options of pet furniture.

Lurvig is a line of products that were designed specifically to meet the needs of cute pets around the globe. Thus there are several items included in this new line. There is a cat hideaway that looks like a tree house as well as a specific kind of bowl that will encourage dogs actually to eat slowly. Furthermore, there are also scratching mats, cushioned beds and several scaled-down items of favorite IKEA furniture items. So it is imaginable that there will be a smaller version of some iconic IKEA items. The iconic details of IKEA that are scaled down include the Klippan sofa.

Along the way in designing the furniture items for pets, a vet named Barbara Schafer was asked to join the project to make sure that everything is right. Certain habits and specifications related to some pets were accounted during the designing and manufacturing processes so that the final products will be perfect for pets.

So within this first line of pet furniture items of IKEA, there are necessary activities for pets to be covered. Sleep, play, eat, walk and travel are all supported by the elements within the Lurvig line of IKEA. The mini Klippan sofa is intended to be a sleeping area along with the treehouse-like cat hideaway. There is also a specific set of cocooning inserts for the shelving units named Kallax for another sleeping item option. A nicely designed friendly-smelling bed is there as well that can be filled with the clothes of the owners of the pets for comfortable use of it. Well, the items in the Lurvig line of IKEA are all affordable that will spoil many pets right away.

Wooden Wall Wooden Floor Lurvig Pet Furniture Line Of Ikea Green Bowls Orange Cushion White Sleeping Box White Shelfblack Sofa Black Cocoons

Grey Wall Wooden Floor White Cat Tree House Inspired Cat Hideaway Green Pet Blanket Wicker Cover

Green Shallow Dog Bowl Grey Dog Wooden Wall And Floor White Rectangular Desk

Brown And Black Dog Scaled Down Klippan Sofa Grey Wall Wooden Floor Pattedned Cover

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