The Dynamic Design of Ola 25 Kitchen by Pininfarina and Snaidero

Red Backdrop Of Ola 25 Kitchen From Pininfarina And Snaider With Grey Accents To Resemble Ferrari Race Cars

A kitchen is a spot that has to be there in any interior. Today there are several options of the so-called prefab kitchen in which it has been prepared in a complete set by its designer and manufacturer so that it can be just placed in any place it is wanted to be. Well, some of those so-called prefab kitchen designs are unique like nothing else. This one from Snaidero and Pininfarina is considerably a special one. The new kitchen named Ola 25 is a special edition to celebrate a long 25 years of collaboration between Pininfarina and Snaidero. It is not just a special edition, but it is a limited edition as well. Overall it has a dynamic design which will be perfect for any modern space of today.

One interesting fact about this kitchen from Snaidero and Pininfarina is that it is well known to be called as the Ferrari kitchen. Well, its red lacquer version is the one that screams Ferrari at a glance. Instead of its modern appeal, this kitchen incorporates new materials that are profoundly revolutionary within the industry kitchen. Even the finishes used in the manufacturing of this kitchen lead to an innovative and lean looking finished kitchen with everything needed to be in a kitchen can be found there for anyone’s need.

Well, the name of Ferrari car is not just taken from the one in red lacquer finish of this kitchen. The central design concept of this kitchen is inspired by Sergio concept car made for the Ferrari. The so-called Pininfarina Sergio concept car is a highly customizable car which will easily suit different needs of customers. The available options of finish include the unique metallic red 458 lacquer along with black and white. It has its name which is Classic, Unprecedented, and Audacious for the one with the red lacquer finish.

The countertop is made of glossy glass surface while the support of its peninsula is made of carbon fiber just like Ferrari cars that are using lots of carbon fiber. In total there are 84 components of this kitchen that are so unique. The configuration of the kitchen can easily be customized to meet different needs of a kitchen. Regardless of different needs, this kitchen will remain to be beautiful in its dynamic and modern design lines just like Ferrari cars.

Red Backdrop Of Ola 25 Kitchen From Pininfarina And Snaider With Grey Accents To Resemble Ferrari Race Cars

Neutral Version Of The Ola 25 Kitchen From Pininfarina And Snaidero With Black Top And White Cabinets Wooden Flooring Chevron Pattern Greey Ottomans Patterned Rug Sculptural Pendants

Glazed Walls Polished Concrete Flooring Metal Chair Circular Upholstered Surfaces Red Acrylic Stool Ola 25 Kitchen Of Pininfarina And Snaidero In All White With Black Backdrop

The Dynamic And Modern Design Of Ola 25 Kitchen Of Pininfarina And Snaidero In Red Lacquer And Grey Finish

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