The Black Lake Collection of Furniture and Textile by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co

Large Black Lake Tapestry Piece

Ideas and inspirations could be anything concerning creativity to create something. This one collection of furniture and textile from Klaus Haapaniemi & Co from London is an example of that matter. The main idea of this collection is actually Iceland as described by Bjork. Obviously that what really makes this collection special, since Bjork is a famous singer. Thus the group itself is a very special edition. It is made for Bjork only with its location is at the summer house of Bjork in a remote location of Iceland.

The collection consists of a sofa alongside some textiles with the same scope of the idea of Iceland. The realization of Iceland landscapes from Bjork’s description to reality in the form of this collection has been done cleverly by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. The landscapes of Iceland have been translated to be a really mesmerizing look of this particular collection named Black Lake. Such phantasmagoric landscapes of Iceland can be enjoyed there within the pattern and colors combination of the collection. Overall it is perfectly precise as described by Bjork for sure.

The sofa is actually a hand-engraved one in which it is accompanied by circular carpet and woven tapestry within the collection of Black Lake. It is all started by the story of Bjork regarding lava fields close to her summer house. Following that story then the idea to create a specific print is brought into realization in which the result is the Black Lake print as the main element of this particular collection. The pattern of the print is unique so that it is just right to be called as a limited edition.

Nikari furniture studio from Finland actually makes Nikarithe furniture itself. It has a light wooden base in its contrasting effect towards the dark patterned fabric of the Black Lake. Overall that combination looks nice. There are hand engravings on the arms of the sofa as well as the feet and the back side. The cushions are chunky enough to ensure that it is a comfortable place to sit on. Surely the upholstery is using Black Lake fabric. Meanwhile, the circular carpet has unusual foliage decoration to accentuate the Black Lake pattern. It will surely be nice to find out later that it may well be available for sale instead of just being exclusively made for Bjork.

Black Lake Furniture And Textile Collection Inspired By Bjork

Large Black Lake Tapestry Piece

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