The Beauty of Mountain House by Studio Razavi Architecture at the Alps

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A special type of house build in a mountain environment is called a chalet. Basically, it is built so that people who stay there can enjoy the winters. Well, alongside the many improvements within the scope of chalet building, today a so-called chalet can be so stylish and even modern so that everyone will love it. Those who do not even like winters will also be able to enjoy staying in a well-built chalet. It will be a comfortable place to stay with all things needed aside from the chilling weather outside.

A decent example of well-built chalet is the one in Manigod, France. Razavi Architecture Studio designed and built a mountain house or a cottage in the Alpine valley. Surely making in a specialized area like that is not easy. There are limitations in many aspects to ensure the safety of the building and everyone in it. Razavi Architecture Studio has done it just perfect. The limited architectural expressions such as roof slope, window size, height ratio, width ratio, and even the building materials are all controlled. Yet, the result is a nice looking mountain house that is so comfortable to live. It somewhat resembles a traditional mountain house with modern twists inside.

The natural look is inside with wood as the primary material along with laconic. A cozy atmosphere is probably there. Despite the fact that windows size is controlled, the view of the outside is pretty clear and unrestricted. It also offers a great deal of natural lighting for the better interior without additional lighting most of the time. Modern furniture can be found in the living area that includes a sofa, a daybed, along with some tables and chairs. The warmth inside is presented by a large piece of the black hearth. The living area is the most significant room with a light wood theme.

In the darker corner of the chalet is the dining area in which the cabinet is in black. The dining furniture set is also made of wood. Moving into the bedrooms, the visible wooden beams above to accompany windows there. The bedroom offers the coziest atmosphere in the house. Meanwhile, grey tiles that resemble stones are there in the bathroom. Light colored wood accentuates the bathroom as well as in other areas of the house. No restrictions that could hinder creative ideas in building a decent chalet as done by Razavi Architecture Studio.

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