The Beauty of Mid-Century Modern Design and Décor of the Edris House

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There are many examples of a house with certain styles of décor and design that can be considered as examples for others to follow. Those houses can surely be the ideas and inspirations of others to design and decorate any other houses. Well, a decent example of the residential house with that iconic mid-century modern design is the one known as Edris House. It is originated from the year of 1954 so that it displays a great deal of mid-century design and décor. Designed by E Stewart Williams, this particular house is nothing but beautiful in its own iconic style.

There are steel columns used in this house which is intended by the architect. The idea is to separate the roof system away from the walls completely. The outcome is that frameless windows can be slide into the ceiling easily and seamlessly. Clearly, that matter contributes to the overall look of the house in both its exterior and interior. That dramatic effect out of those frameless windows delivers a visually larger feeling of the interior. Moreover, it offers spectacular views of the surrounding to enjoy at any time. Those are all the authentic mid-century features that give this house its main identity.

Moving into the interior area of the house, overall it is warm, inviting, and very stylish in that mid-century modern style. Natural finished wood and stone materials are widely used within the décor. The look is completed by the incorporation of stainless steel surfaces and appliances all over the kitchen area. That is a decent way of enhancing that mid-century modern base of its décor and design. Furthermore, there is leather stuff that includes sofa and chairs to give textural accents to the décor. Furthermore, there are glazed walls as well to accompany the frameless windows mentioned earlier providing decent views of its surrounding.

Meanwhile, the exterior of the house has its finish within the same scope of the interior. There is a pool which has been done first before moving the boulders for more spaces for the house. Wooden ceiling beams are all around the living room with the stone clad fireplace adding the textural flairs of the décor. The master bedroom is nothing but comfortable with warm shades all over it. Well, those are only some of the beauties of the interior of the house which is pretty much describing the idea of a mid-century modern style of decoration in the most inspiring way.

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