The Beauty of Bright and Minimalist Apartment Décor with Color Splashes

Corkboard Headboard Wall Black Curtain Black Shade Hanging Lamp Black Industrial Wall Lamps Grey Upholstered Headboard Grey Bedding Pillows

Bright color scheme can always be looking good when in combination with color splashes. Within any interior décor especially the one dealing with small space, bright color scheme is a must. Being dark in terms of basic color schemes can be less profitable compared to the use of bright color schemes. Thus when decorating an apartment it is recommended to go for bright tomes instead of dark colors. There is a decent apartment in Bucharest, Romania with just the perfect combination of colors in its interior décor to look really nice. Furthermore it features great storage solutions as well to deal with its limited space.

The space of this apartment is only 828 square-feet in total. It is designed by CRAFTR architects to make sure that all the needed features according to its owner can be found there. The fact that its owner embraces the idea of being minimalist in interior décor can clearly be seen throughout the interior. It features some Scandinavian touches as well. The architects of CRAFTR have been successfully deal with the idea of merging functionality of interior with some design refinements along the steps.

The window of the living room offers a really captivating design of storage system. Right above and below the window there is interior heater as well as air conditioner. It looks so seamless in term of the placement of those items. There is a TV alongside a small sofa to complete the living area. Meanwhile the dining area there is an expandable dining table when needed to accommodate more people at once. The lighting fixtures within these two areas are in form of light turquoise frames of cast iron in support of light bulbs. Surely that is pretty unique and functional at the same time.

Furthermore there is a nice looking accent wall of cork in one of the two bedrooms in this apartment. Another set of bulbs can be seen there in a pretty minimalist placement and design. White cabinetries can be found in the kitchen in minimalist style without handles at all. Clad white tiles are there as the backsplash of the kitchen to enhance the décor and function of the kitchen. Meanwhile there is a nice addition of chalkboard wall in a coffee corner within the kitchen area. Enhancing a small living space is not that hard just as this apartment in its bright color scheme of interior décor.

Hidden Storage Unit Wooden Floor White Wooden Desk White Wooden Chair Greeneries Small Table Lamp Yellow And Blue Boxes Laptop

Hanging Bulbs Over Painted Decorative Pipe Wooden Floating Shelf Black Bookshelf Books Wooden Floor Wall Bench Yellow Cushions Black Sofa Round Coffee Table

Large Window Hidden Heater And Air Conditioner Black Shades Wall Lamp And Floor Lamp Black Sofa Wooden Tables Grey Rug Wooden Floor Hanging Bulbs Flat Tc Speaker Wooden Wall Bench Floating Shelf

Black Framed Round Bathroom Mirror White Tile Bathroom Wall White Bowl Shape Above Sink Industrial Wall Hanging Lamp

White Kitchen Cabinets Yellow And Blue Hidden Storage Spaces Wooden Floor Wooden Cutting Board Gas Stove Knives Painting

Wooden Floating Shelf Large Flat Tv Wooden Wall Bench With Storage Spaces Yellow Cushions Wooden Chairs Speaker Books Hanging Bulbs Wooden Floor

Corkboard Headboard Wall Black Curtain Black Shade Hanging Lamp Black Industrial Wall Lamps Grey Upholstered Headboard Grey Bedding Pillows

White Cabinet Chalkboard Wall Hanging Bulbs Wooden Coffee Table Black Bowl Grey Chairs With Cushions

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