The 60-30-10 Rule in Home Decor

A Sofa With Cushions, A White Side Table With Some Vases Of Flowers, And A Storage With Fabric Placed In Front Of A Dusty Pink Wall

People have been trying to find a perfect formula to get wonderful decoration that will fit any color and styles and also timeless. Many experiments have been done and now here is the result! The color formula of 60-30-10 surely help you to make your interior’s look become gorgeous and harmonious.

Those formula is best used for you who want to apply three colors in the interior decoration. Combining three colors is not easy, and with this formula the look will be interesting and organic. Here some examples of the rules that you can try. Get inspired!

60% Is the Main Color

First of all, choose the main color that you like. It will take at least a half of your space, so you need to choose it carefully. The easiest way is to use the chosen color on the walls. Choosing the neutral colors will be better since it will fit any other color. If you like bright colors, you still use it but keep the rest of the space in neutrals.

30% Is the Additional Color

This 30% additional color is important to make the space more alive and interesting, so choose your favorite shades to make the neutral color more outstanding. For you who choose a bright color as the main color, go for some neutrals and pastels to calm it down. This rule is best applied in furniture like carpets and curtains. You should remember that this color should be combine with the main and the smaller color accents, so think wisely.

10% Is the Accent

And the last but not least is the 10% color. It can be the brightest color of the space, which will be icing on the cake. You can try several shades of the same color to get interesting look of the space. You can use the chosen shade in some furniture in smaller sizes like on pillows, vases, paintings and various accessories. If you are bored and tired of the decoration, you can easily change those pieces without much efforts because it is small and will not wasting much if your money. Moreover, if you want to add seasonal and holiday touches, you can easily do it. Do not afraid to add some items for this rule in your space. Yet, you still keep in mind that you still need to be careful and wise in choosing the right color. Happy try it!

A Soft Green Bed With Flowery Prints Pillows In A Buttermilk Colored Bedroom

A Wooden Dining Table With Come Chairs Placed On An Animal Skin Rug In A Room With Black Walls

Two White Chairs Placed Near A Fire Place With Pots Of Flowers In A Room With Blue Wall

White Sofas With Colorful Cushions, A White Chair, And A Table With A Vase Of Flowers Placed On A Rug Near A Fireplace

Cream Colored Sofas With Green Shades Cushions And An Emerald Table With A Vase And Books On It Placed On A Rug

A Round Dining Table With Some Chairs Around Near A Yellow Kitchen Cabinet

A Bed With Soft Shades Pillows Placed In A Soft Blue Room

A Blue Armchair With Colorful Cushions In The Same Shades In Front Of White Wooden Wall

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