Textural Touches in a Colorful Apartment Interior Decoration

Wooden Floating Shelves Wooden Floating Desks Wooden Chairs Metal Legs Green Metal Floor Lamp Wooden Floor Grene Wall Patterned Half Wall Framed Artwork

At some points, it may well be necessary to add textural touches in an interior décor to boost the beauty of it. Textural touches can be obtained from many things out of different materials for sure. Such textural features of any interior decoration can be even more beautiful when paired adequately with colorful flairs. There is an example of such combination in a small apartment in Milan with just 105 m2 of size. Its renovation has been done by Marcante – Testa architecture and design firm of Italy. The result is outstanding despite the fact that it is a small apartment.

At a glance, the overall decoration of this small apartment is a very colorful one. It offers a dramatic change of view with a few chromatic accents on some of the walls. It uses various materials to emphasize the textural aspects of the decoration. Faux marble, wicker, linen and Vienna straw can be seen therein different items within the interior décor of this apartment. Surely the perfect combination of everything there has been done correctly by Marcante – Tesla to deliver the best of a small apartment.

There is a beautiful bold space with green statement wall to start with. It features shelves and drawers alongside a comfy reading nook. It comes in a somewhat mid-century modern feel of furniture items there alongside a modern looking floor lamp using green base. Meanwhile, the central living area features botanical print wallpaper. There is a primarily sized dresser there while a wicker divider is on top of it. To appeal the living room more, there are colorful upholsteries as well as the printed rug. The wicker room divider performs its function to separate the living room and the kitchen next to the dining area.

The kitchen is in a two-tone style of blue and white as the colors of the cabinetries although the handles are red. The vibrant red handles highlight the kitchen though. Meanwhile, the dining table is paired with wicker dining chairs. They are placed next to a window for a better view when having a meal in a warm atmosphere. Floral wallpaper is there in the master bedroom alongside such eye-catchy headboard to be the focal point. The hidden closet can be found there to maximize storage spaces needed. The bathroom there has coral furniture alongside beautiful geometric mosaics for more colorful touches of its decor.

Wooden Floating Shelves Wooden Floating Desks Wooden Chairs Metal Legs Green Metal Floor Lamp Wooden Floor Grene Wall Patterned Half Wall Framed Artwork

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