Living Room

IKEA Furniture for Dynamic Living Room

Lacking spaces becomes a big problem nowadays. Not easy to have a great place to stay. Many people live in a small house, flat, or apartment. It is possible that there are many people have long and narrow spaces in their dwelling. The long narrow room becomes a challenge ...

2 years ago Hilda Abend


Quintessence Furniture Collection of Maria Bubuioc and Mihai Stamati

The high-quality traditional craftsmanship of Romania and Moldova can be seen all over the items within the new furniture collection from Maria Bubuioc and Mihai Stamati. The collection is called Quintessence that incorporates natural materials originated from Moldova and Romania. Those two countries were the home countries of the ...

3 years ago Gregor Wassermann

Living Room

Cozy and Edgy Combination of Several Functions in a Living Room

When living space is rather limited, there is a decent solution to maximize its function by combining different functions in one area. Open layout will be the main idea of really maximizing living space. There will commonly be an open space living area with integrated dining room, kitchen and ...

3 years ago Marvin Reitter