Swedish Apartment in Blue with River Views

A Room’s Corner Consist Of A Desk With A Lamp On It And Paired With A Chair, A Sofa With Cushions, A Bookshelf Full Of Books, And A Rug

Spaces with Scandinavian touch usually look in traditional black, grey, and white with natural touches. This time we are going to share something different. We will share a Scandinavian apartment which does not look as usual. This three-room apartment overlooking the city of Gothenburg, Sweden is located on the top floor of a building that offers panoramic river views. Its strategic location lets you see many water-inspired touches in the décor. Because of that, this kind of architecture is called Scandinavian décor with a few water views.

The central area of the apartment is an open plan living and dining area. Those areas are done in the tone of bright colour. It makes the room more charming and welcoming. The Scandinavian touches are reflected by the wood flooring and the white tone of the walls and décor. Modern furnishings combined with some antique pieces also add a Scandinavian touch to the room. The additional artist’s frame makes the décor looks elegant. The blue tone of the apartment is loveable, and it is echoed by the river views outside the apartment.

The wall of the living room is entirely covered by a mirror that is very useful to be glass openings so that the owner can see the amazing views outside from the living room. Such a design let the bay view become a fundamental interior component. The south-facing balcony can be a lovely space for the owner to welcome the guests because this area always gets sunshine from morning to evening. The owner can make a little gathering and have a fun time with friends or relatives in the balcony. If it is cold outside, the guest is very welcome to an inner dining zone that is warmer. It is done by a comfortable dining set and gorgeous river view incorporated. Having quality time with some delicious meal will make the time will be more fun and priceless.

The kitchen is also crucial in a dwelling. The kitchen is painted with white coloured and added with natural wood touches. That kind of design makes the area cozier and comfier. The bathroom is designed with grey bathroom tiles on the walls and black marble ones on the floor. A pair of windows lets the shine come through and fill the space with light. Wanna see more of this chic spaces? Let’s go down and get inspired!

A Dining Area With A Wooden Dining Table With Many Plates And Glass On It, And Some Chairs Placed Around It

A Dining Space Made From A Round Table With White Tablecloth And Two Chairs With Cushions Placed In The Balcony Near A Bay

A Bedroom Features A Bed With Pillows, A Blue Chair, A Stool, And A Desk With A Mirror And Some Stuffs On It

A Room’s Corner Consist Of A Desk With A Lamp On It And Paired With A Chair, A Sofa With Cushions, A Bookshelf Full Of Books, And A Rug

A Bathroom With White Bathtub And Together With Laundry Zone

An Artwork In Placed Near A Sofa With Cushion, And A Table With A Lamp And Some Stuffs On It

A Room Consists Of Chairs And Sofas, Tables With Some Stuffs On Them, A Cabinet, And An Artwork

A Kitchen Room With White Cabinetry And Come Pots In The Windowsill And The Top Of The Cabinet

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