Surreal Design of a Lighting Collection from Child Studio of London

Bold And Colorful Finished Bases For The White Glass Spheres Of Surreal Lighting Fixtures From Child Studio

A unique element of items related to interior décor can be derived from anything. A new collection of lighting fixture from Child Studio from London is offering a decent illusion of movement as its primary display. This collection is considered to be having a surreal design all over it. Well, it is inspired by various artworks having a surreal style so that the look of this lighting collection of Child Studio is nothing but unique an uncommon in many ways.

The illusion of movement that leads to perfection of fantasy and reality can be seen all over such sculptural finish of this lighting collection. The dream will appear when the point of view is changing. This lighting collection has been done correctly to be there beyond three-dimensional effects. The studio has been so talented in creating a series of glass spheres that are seemingly sliding and rolling on a slanted geometric plinth from its top section. The result is a subtle balance in which those spheres seem to be frozen in time. A unique idea inspired by the single thing that resulted in a unique form of lighting collection for any interior space.

The inspirations to deliver this unique lighting collection include an extensive range of such metaphysical paintings from various artists. Names like Aldo Rossi, Giorgio de Chirico, and even Robert Wilson as a theater director are included within the architectural quality of this surreal lighting collection from Child Studio of London. Giorgio de Chirico comes with abstract paintings while Aldo Rossi delivers beautiful architectural landscapes and Robert Wilson speaks inspirational visual language focusing on moment, infinity, movement and stillness. It is pretty much like having a piece of art for display just by adding this lighting collection in any interior space.

Furthermore, that basic idea of this lighting collection is not the only thing to focus. Even the materials used in the making of this lighting collection reflect surreal as well as whimsical nature of the items. Ashwood in various guises with stained and lacquered versions are all there. The wooden texture in different vibrant tones could look nice. Some of them look like marble or even unique digital print. In short, all aspects of this surreal lighting collection of Child Studio from London is enjoyable so that it will easily be able to enhance any space with the addition of this thing.

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Bold And Colorful Finished Bases For The White Glass Spheres Of Surreal Lighting Fixtures From Child Studio

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