Summer House in Greece with Stunning Cave-Like Interior Design

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Many things can inspire interior decoration. Creativity is the key to creating a decent décor for any interior depending on the actual purposes desired for certain interior spaces. A space designed to function as a holiday cabin or vacation home should be unique and enjoyable. That matter will guarantee the full enjoyment of anyone having a holiday there. Thus it is pretty common that holiday cabin or vacation home has unique appeal and design. One example of a unique spot to enjoy a holiday there is a summer house on the remote island of Santorini in Greece. Kapsimalis Architects have done a great job in celebrating Cycladic architecture style over blue domes alongside the white dwellings there.

This summer house has its fantastic location of a Cliffside to start with. It has been maximized by the architects so that the views of the exterior area can be enjoyed through an outdoor platform with vaulted dining space and an infinity pool. The twisted stairway is there to connect the different levels of the area with some loungers as well to spend such wonderful times there. Well, that is just about the exterior area of this summer house in which the interior offers better things for sure.

The interior of the house is so bright that eliminates narrow and cramped atmosphere of it. There is a sitting room along with a small kitchen, two bedrooms and a sauna for the ultimate holiday experience within the area. Organic curves of the dwelling have been maximized by the designers to create the uniquely sculptural design of the interior area. There is a round glass door that separates the social space of living area and private space of the bedrooms. The round shape of the door highlights the cave-like appeal of the interior in this summer house. Regardless of that matter, the modern atmosphere can be felt there as well.

White plasters along with volcanic stones are used to build both the exterior and the interior of this summer house. Meanwhile, the flooring has its material of light beige colored marble and cement plaster to finish it up nicely. It is clear that the materials are all well-chosen to ensure the best appeal as well as quality and function of everything inside this summer house. A unique looking design of holiday cabin like this is surely the key to have a wonderful and unforgettable holiday.

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White Pillows White Bathropes Striped Stool Decorative Plant Built In Shelves In White Round Bed White Bedding

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