Stylish Design of Kimono Armchair for Any Space

Kimono Armchair Wooden Armrests Wooden Legs Metal Detalings Black Leather Cushion

A seating item will always be needed within any space. Both exterior space and interior space will need proper seating fixtures to be functional. Today there are many creative ideas incorporated into the design and shape of seating items. The actual item can even be inspired by many things from natural elements to traditional stuff. A beautiful and stylish looking chair named Kimono Armchair is an example of seating fixture inspired by the traditional clothing of Japan known as kimono. The pleats and textures of famous Japanese kimono are the ideas taken to this armchair. It displays the formal essence of such traditional stuff called kimono itself.

The entire shape of the Kimono Armchair imitates the fluency of kimono in term of its fabric when it wraps the body of its wearer. The curves and the lines of the chair will easily remind anyone looking at it about kimono’s creases as well as the soft lines of it. The chair itself is well-designed to deliver the highest level of aesthetic as well as decent functionality as an armchair. Put simply, this chair is a beautiful one to look at and a comfortable one to sit at.

The build of the chair consists of the light-finished wooden frame along with black leather cushion. There are several metal details as well within the chair to accentuate its appeal as well as holding it back properly. Overall the look of the chair is so timeless and elegant that makes it easy to be incorporated into any style of interior decoration. The calm color scheme of this Kimono Armchair is amidst the important factors for it to be easily combined with anything else in any interior space.

It is important for many homeowners today to have a highly functional set of furniture items while also looking good at the same time. This Kimono Armchair is one of the best pieces out there to consider when looking for such items of furniture. The use of wood as the frame of the chair will surely be perfect for those who love to have a bit of nature element within the interior décor. Meanwhile, the leather cushion of this chair delivers durable option so that the chair can last for a long time. It is a timeless combination that could be a decent addition to any décor style of interior space to boost both beauty and practical elements.

Kimono Armchair Black Cushion Wooden Backrest Wooden Armchairs Creamy Tile Flooring

Kimono Armchair Black Leather Cushion Wooden Chair Frame Wooden Armrests Wooden Backrest

Kimono Armchair Wooden Frame Black Leather Cushion Black Finished Metal Tall Floor Lamp Large Wall Mounted Art Piece

Kimono Armchair Wooden Armrests Wooden Legs Metal Detalings Black Leather Cushion

Kimono Armchair Rear View Black Leather Cushion Wooden Frame Metal Details Creamy Tile Flooring

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