Strangely Beautiful Pod Desk Lamp and Pendant from CP Lighting

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The table lamp is a small piece of item in any interior decoration. At some points, it may not even be needed at all. The available options for that thing are so many out there. The idea to create proper lighting in any interior décor by incorporating more than one layer of it is crucial. This table lamp will always be there to serve its functions. Furthermore, there are many table lamps that are not only functioning as lighting fixture but also a decorative item. One of the latest choices to look at is the one from CP Lighting with its natural design.

The lamp is called Pod which was designed by Chris Poehlman. The idea of this lamp is to the attention of anyone looking at it wherever it is placed. Undoubtedly it serves its primary function as well side of that show-stoppers matter. It functions well, and it seems reasonable at the same time. Surely it is among many furniture items that are perfect for the current trends to have beautiful looking things with a high level of functionalities at the same time. It can be an excellent addition to almost any interior decoration style.

It comes with such unusual shape to be somewhat strange realization of nature-inspired design. Chris Poehlman has been extraordinarily successful in bringing this lamp to the level of strangely beautiful and functional. Within the entire body of the Pod lamp, there are only two materials. The so-called frame is made of aluminum finished in brass while the shade of the light is made of recycled glass of bottles. The glass shade is formed by using the hand-blown method to ensure its unique appeal. Furthermore, the inside of the lamp is finished in silver to enhance the modulating effect out of the light.

The Pod is not just available in its table lamp form. CP Lighting offers the pendant style Pod as well for those who wanted to have the matching lighting in a room. At a glance, this lamp looks like an extension of tree branches or vines in which the light resembles its fruit or flower. It merely is like taking a bit of tree branch along with a piece of fruit on it and place it on a table. It takes more than just creativity and imagination to be able to come up with such idea for a lighting fixture.

Recycled Bottle Glass Table Lamp Shade Yellow Bulbs Brass Finished Aluminu Base Table Lamp Frame

Aluminum Base Table Lamp Brass Finish Glass Shades Yellow Bulbs

Blue Wall Paint Wooden Sideboards Framed Wall Artworks Tree Branch Shape Table Lamp Base Glass Shades Yellow Bulbs

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