Space-Inspired Bathroom Mirror by Samuel Wilkinson

Float Bathroom Mirror Towel Hanger Towels Freestanding White Sink Wooden Legs

It is not that surprising today that there are even specific items that can be used to beautify a bathroom. It is true that today more homeowners start to pay attention to the décor of all areas in their houses. Even bathroom has its treatments to get the better of its appeal as well as its functions. There are many options for functional items that are beautiful at the same time. Adding such type of items will greatly improve the look of any décor style while also ensuring and maintaining the functionality of the specific areas inside any house.

So there is a decent piece of the bathroom mirror with a beautiful design as well as highly functional characteristic. Designer Samuel Wilkinson has just designed a highly functional bathroom mirror in a stunningly beautiful appeal. It was a project for Ex.t in which Samuel Wilkinson said that gravity and space are the inspiration for the design. The mirror is named Float in which it features a small floating shelf just enough to place items needed in the bathroom that at the end emphasizes its function alongside its appeal.

This Float mirror is a decent craftsmanship product since ateliers in Tuscany handcraft each one of the mirrors. The ateliers are family businesses that have been in the business for years known for high-quality products. The construction of the mirror features opal glass sphere and semicircular marble shelf. The result, once it is done, will be a piece of mirror that displays both function and beauty. The idea that it resembles two planets in space can be seen in the opal glass sphere along a semicircular marble shelf over the mirror itself. There is an opaque round light which can be used to enhance the look of the mirror further. It can easily be turned on and off by using a pull cord attached to it.

Well, the addition of this mirror into any bathroom will greatly beautify the décor. It will work easily in any décor style to be frankly. Basic stuff that is needed can be placed there on the shelf while the mirror is just enough to deliver its functions in a bathroom. The Float bathroom mirror is a decent item that perfectly combines the beauty of a modern item alongside proper function of the item itself in which that is considered a trend today.

Float Bathroom Mirror Towel Hanger Towels Freestanding White Sink Wooden Legs

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Float Bathroom Mirror Black Marble Shelf Bathroom Supplies Towel Hanger Towel

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